Plan personnel

Bizplan makes it easy to create a customized personnel plan. Simply add groups for each team or department (or however you choose to group employees) and add the specific roles and salaries.

Add a team

  1. If there are currently no Teams in the Personnel page, it will automatically add one once the page is loaded. Alternatively, you may add a team by clicking the Add Team button on the top right.
  2. Enter a title in the Team title field.
  3. Enter a Position title.
  4. Enter the name of the person will fill this role (optional).
  5. Enter a yearly salary and select between Full-Time and Part-Time status.
  6. Choose a start and/or end date. You may leave this blank and it will automatically start the position on the first month/year of your Planned Start Date. The end date is set to indefinitely by default.
  7. If the position will have a yearly increase, you may enter a percentage in the Variation field.
  8. Add more roles to this team by clicking the Add Role link at the bottom of the list.
  9. Click on the Cost of Revenue checkbox if this team will be directly responsible for producing products.
  10. Enter a percentage for Benefits & Taxes. The default is set to 20%.
  11. Click the Save button.

To delete a role
Note:**** This cannot be undone 

  1. Expand the team you want to edit. Mouse over the role you wish to delete and click on the delete button (trash icon) on the right side. 

To delete a team
 This cannot be undone 

  1. Expand the team you wish to delete and click the Delete button at the bottom of the group.
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