ArticleAre Founders Driven by Fear or Greed?

Are Founders Driven by Fear or Greed?

Most Founders are driven by pure fear — greed is something we can only "hope" to achieve.

Our pop culture loves to opine on the greedy nature of famous Founders, from Elon Musk to Cornelius Vanderbilt. It's easy to say, "Oh that Founder was only driven by greed — look at all they have that they don't need!"

But that often overlooks where it all started, where most of us are. It's kind of hard to be labeled a "greedy Founder" when you're living in your parents' basement applying for 24.99% interest rate credit cards just so you can keep the business alive!

The general population fails to realize that greed is a luxury we can only hope to achieve.

It Usually Starts with Fear... Lots of Fear

The reason being "greedy" is a luxury for most Foun...

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