ArticleBig Starts Breed False Victories

Big Starts Breed False Victories

Every startup launches victoriously — it's the rest of the journey that tends to put an end to it.

How many times do we have to see this same movie before we realize how it ends? Tell me if this sounds familiar: A startup launches with great fanfare — big funding, a "transformative" product, and heaps of early praise only to be nearly extinct in just a few years.

Whether it's the "next great media platform," Clubhouse ($4b valuation in 18 months, now almost defunct) or Bird ($2b valuation in just over a year, now worth $40m), we just keep seeing the same thing happen over and over.

What we're missing is the ability to discount those early announcements in favor of waiting for the actual results. We need to be able to see the early victories...

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