ArticleOnce a Founder, Always a Founder

Once a Founder, Always a Founder

We are Founders for life — we just happen to build a few startup companies along the way.

At, one of our most popular products is our "Founder Groups," where we pair 8-10 founders together to discuss the challenges of being a startup Founder. Invariably, startups succeed and fail, and the Founders find themselves asking us an existential question:

"Can I still be in a Founder Group now that I'm no longer a Founder?"

To which our answer is "Of course, because you can never stop being a Founder." We say that because we don't believe being a Founder is a job that we happen to have while running a startup. Being a Founder is who we are as creators. Our startups are a single moment of creation, but our role and existence as Founders...

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