ArticleWhy Do We Still Have Full-Time Employees?

Why Do We Still Have Full-Time Employees?

For as much as we startup Founders love to innovate business models, we sure have done a lousy job of innovating on the employment model. Our salary lines tend to be our single largest expense in a company, and yet the biggest innovation we've had to date has been moving to a remote work system.

We've agreed that we don't need offices or "40-hour work weeks" anymore, so why haven't we agreed that we don't need the "full-time salaries" that came with them?


Yeah, I said it. Yeah, I'm about to be exponentially less popular. And, well, I wasn't that popular before, so… But seriously, why haven't we reconsidered compensation in an era where everything has become fractionalized?

Full-Time is Dead

Very few people actually work full-time an...

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