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if you are struggling for the BIG IDEA or need a visual reviewed, let's discuss. Find my body of work at http://specialmoderndesign.com. —I'm a former Creative Director for various design firms in Los Angeles. Back in the 2000s, I decided to work with clients one-on-one skipping the diluted "telephone-game" process. I know what it takes to find that one thing that makes something SPECIAL to motivate purchases.

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If the logo is distinct enough-- I say break the rules. This kind of codification could show flexibility, confidence if done right. I suggest keeping it in the color family-- all cool --- or all warm colors. Maybe charcoal vs black?

Very tricky. I never heard of this. I hope you can work out a profit in there somewhere when you do figure out pricing, Unlimited scares me.

For a simpler reply, my answer would be branding. This is a way to communicate what you intend to do in a credible way. Learn what the core of the start up is; Where your passion lies as a founder; Figure out what the competition is doing — or not doing; Impress investors and communicate the vision you have. I've seen branding prior to start of business work its magic.

I like to think of those 'Donuts and Chinese Food Restaurant' hybrids. Can you promote yourself as just a mainstream social media expert? that would be perfect. You can still take other work-- just don't promote it.... I prefer my Chinese food sans donut grease.

Here's a tip- when putting your Agreement/Proposal together never say you will DELIVER a name. Word it so they understand they are paying for your CONSULTING on that. (What if they don't like the names?) You are being paid for what you are doing- "Name Consulting". I also add a clause that explains if a name is derived in the course of this project by any other person, you still get compensated for the consulting i.e., time, and ideas you put into it. (I feel like I am writing this too late- anyway-- good luck)

I love the serendipity of that! I suggest keeping it separate since the industries most likely won't cross over. Start a new brand....name it something "hype" since that is the word you used to describe the new offering. Hypeshot or something fun. Best of luck- if you inspiration: http://specialmoderndesign.com

I can only say what helped me when I was feeling that way (not long ago). You may have read this book by Tim Ferriss, the 4-hour work week... I have used some of the outsourcing contacts he wrote about and it change my stress level. You would be surprised what can be done for you by someone on the other side of the world.

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