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Sean has helped dozens of small business owners break through their fears and plateaus over the years. Many right here on clarity. As a serial entrepreneur, Sean has built an Airbnb portfolio to revenues exceeding 2 million per year. He is an optimist and a creative. He can help you take any problem and find the opportunity waiting on the other side. Having built multiple million dollar businesses while maintaining his hands on leadership style, he sees what you see every day. Connect with Sean to experience your next breakthrough. Pevious Media clients include : The Fort Worth Star telegram The Houston Chronicle The Chicago Sun-Times Cox media group The Tampa Tribune EW Scripps Ownership interests : Media Press Promotions Venom marketing group Red rover roofing Freeup services Fitme technologies HTX corporate homes Pad Suites Shift Raptor

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One of my favorite resources is an Ebook on Audible. Critical Business Skills for Success by The Great Courses. It's 34 hours of value. Get an audible account with your first credit or two for free. Apply one of those credits toward this book. Some of he most valuable traits one can possess as an entrepreneur is an open mind, a love of learning, and unbreakable optimism.

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