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I'm a leadership initiator. I believe that people have the power to make a difference far beyond what their own imagination tells them. Often, all they need is for someone to believe in them. I'm that person.

My best days are when a person with whom I'm working makes a decision, acts on it, and begins to see that they are making a difference that matters. This is how I spend my days, and I'm committed to doing this with individuals and organizations.

I love helping the leaders of organizations develop their people into leadership initiators who create impact. This matters because if we can strengthen the organization, then we can make a difference for their clients / customers, their families, their community and the world at large.

My working arrangement is simple. We talk, decide what you want to do, decide what you want to invest, then, I design a program to make it happen. Nothing complicated. Just a relationship with someone who can help you adapt the changing world of organizations. I welcome that opportunity.

You can find me at my blog, Leading Questions - http://edbrenegar.typepad.com.

Recent Answers

The keys to successful relationships are pretty clear, but not easy to do. You need to be honest, respectful, generous, giving, appreciative, vulnerable, and be willing to have a relationship of mutual responsibility. You have to decide that to be with this person requires you to change, to sacrifice some of what you've come to expect, in order to have a mutually beneficial relationship. On top of that, I'd look for someone who is happy, has a genuine concern for others, and has a set of values that can be described in the context of their lifestyle. Third, look for someone whose life experience has some compatible connections. Same education level, same vacation interests, etc.

Are these high standards? Of course, an entrepreneur wouldn't want to have it any other way. Correct? But they are worth living up to them in order to find someone to join you as a partner.

Strategic clarity is a product of strategic thinking, rather than strategic planing. It comes from being clear about who you are, what values you bring to the company or the project, and what the outcome should be.
I visualize strategic clarity as being able to walk into any situation and know what you must do. This means more than having a mission statement, or organizational values. It is more like having a story that provides a way to define who you are and why you do the things you do.

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