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I've had a a few business partners and in some cases, they have been just like me and in others, they have been VERY different. I'm an idea person but also very solutions/result oriented. I know the necessity of a business plan but hate doing it in the traditional way. My hesitation here might not be the fact that the partner is CREATIVE. Creativity is great. The word REFUSAL is what catches my attention.

In EVERY relationship in life, we create agreements. That's how relationships move forward. It's not simply about what one person wants. It's about what the parties in the relationship AGREE to.

We are all seeking RESULTS of course and those results will come when we find a strategy that WORKS! Right now, you both have not figured out what WORKS. If it was WORKING, then there wouldn't be tension around a business plan. I don't believe a traditional business plan is ALWAYS needed. But, a strategy is DEFINITELY needed. If you both see benefit in the partnership, then it comes down to you both determining what type of strategic approach will work for you both.

A creative likes to create. Both parties in the relationship need to figure out what their highest success strategies should be and then merge those into an AGREEMENT that works.

If that is not possible, then maybe the partnership shouldn't be possible either.

I'd love to help answer any follow up questions.

What kind of coach are you looking for specifically? An accountability coach or a financial growth expert? A marketing coach?

You seem like you have a pretty decent idea of what to do so far or at least have a foundation.

Not sure if I agree that a responding on Twitter would be SPAM!! It's not an opt-in service. The general expectation is that if you are posting on Twitter, there are ALOT of people who can see your posts and who may respond. So, as others have said, you can politely enter the conversation without barging in and saying BUY MY STUFF!! Ask questions. Find out why they are experiencing the pain they are. Find out what solutions they have tried. Find out what they thought of those solutions. Share things that you have tried and then finally share the solution that you have or are currently using that works for you. Maybe they will respond by starting to ask YOU a question or two. It takes time but its about relationship marketing.

You might start by asking some of the people that ask you questions, "Listen, I'm thinking of starting an additional business using this as one of my services. What do you think would be a reasonable cost for this advice?"

Let THEM give you an answer. Then if they come to you later, they are clear that there may be a cost of some sort.

Some may not like it at first. but, if you believe that you are GOOD at it and they find your information valuable, then they will create some way to exchange value with you. If not, then they are either not that committed to transformation. OR, you may have some work to do with refining your own value offering.

You typed a question, so you have a little time ;-). Like most of us, you may just need to carve out a dedicated spot for Q & A. Start with 5 minutes and then build up if you feel its necessary. If your goal is to make some money using this medium then, create a plan for what works.

Choose a time on MONDAY for 15 minutes when you will ONLY focus on this.

I have a program that goes through that with you. Delaware is good for incorporation because of its tax laws. But there is much more to consider than just that. First you need to clarify your idea. Determine if you are ready to run a business and have the mindset for it. Then, look at your target, what you are selling and who you will sell to. The legal pice of things is made very easy in some states through the office of assessments and taxation. I would also start with the Small Biz Administration, THere is a lot of help there. Also, SCORE.

Not clear on what you are asking when you say scale it. But, what type of marketing do you have in place? Who is your target? Where are you finding them? Are you using Facebook ads? Are you participating in LinkedIn groups?

IF you have relationships formed, then the $4000 program is more easily "scaled". But, it's difficult to get that investment going if you are just beginning without any social proof. You may want to consider smaller introductory programs as well to give people a sense of you and your team.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind that would make this answer REALLY long. But, one of the most important is simply to remember your audience. As educators, we tend to get caught up in scholarly jargon and forget the simplicity that we need to reach our audience sometimes. Also, be specific to which level of audience you are targeting. Elementary? Secondary? Higher Ed?

And lastly, don't overanalyze. Create a plan, then GO! Course correct on the way!

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