Serhiy GembaraM&A advisor. Investment Bankier, LBO.

Expiriensed in M&A, LBO, Investment, Privet Equity, Venture Funds.Wealth Managment. strong skills in Pharmaceutical M&A. I have huge database of personal contacts all over the world at the fields of M&A, Privet Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Privet Investors, etc.
I am a member of M&A World Wide organization.

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No you don't need it. BUT! Sell Idea, spacially in IT, is almost imposible.First of all you need to defend your idea. It cost a lot and to make it you need a prototype.
If you try to sell Idia without defend, 95 % that your idea will be used without you. The best way is to find IT students who will help you to create prototype for free and try to make it popular. Thats the only way you can earn on that.

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