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The challnege here is that not too many people really understand branding, similar to the way people understand marketing. It does not have a consistent meaning.

You will have to educate your csuite or key personnel on the value of developing their brand. Use examples of other companies in your industry that are brand focused, and call out things they do. Using a SWOT analysis can help as well.

Another way is to start with the purpose of the organization. Is the purpose aligned with everything decision made in the organization? If not this is a good indirect way to start your branding campaign.

Hope this helps! I'm available for followups if needed!

Here are some ways to get more customers:

1. Start by reaching out to your friends who own businesses and ask to doncome consulting work for them in exchange for case studies. You need to show credibility to give people a reason to trust you and work with you.

2. Create content. Either document your journey as a consultant or create a blog/vlog that will give you the ability to demonstrate your expertise.

3. Once you have content to work with, promote it via ads.

4. Lastly ask people to introduce you to people or businesses they may know could use your services.

Hope this helps! I'm available for followups if needed!

Start by taking a look at your purpose as an organization. Your purpose is why you exist beyond profit. If you are unsure what this is, you probably need to define this. This is the emotional connector for your fans, followers, sponsors, community etc. There is a lot more that goes into it but my advice would be to focus on your brand and start with your purpose and build from the inside out. We can talk further if you need more indepth advice.

Hope this helps!

Start by creating a persona of your desired audience... here are some basic ways to create them:

1. Common behavior patterns

2. Shared pain points (professional, personal)

3. Universal goals, wishes, dreams

4. General demographic & biographic information

Basically you are creating a fictional character of your audience to help you figure out how to connect with them in an impactful way

1) A clearly defined purpose for your company 2) Clearly defined core values that fuel the organization 3) Your product should validate why your company exists, and how you do it is true 4) Your community 5) leadership 6) A clear way of communicating your company and products

I think at this stage there are a couple things to research 1) your audience and their behavior in trying new things 2) Test it out... it's really hard to tell unless you try it and see what works. Most companies are using the freemium approach only cuz it makes sense with their product/service but also it makes sense with their business model.

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