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Compliance expert: I design the HR Function for small business start-ups when they get ready to bring in staff, and strategize with established companies when staff growing pains become problematic. For companies of all sizes, I develop or update existing employee manuals, job descriptions, and staff communications. My team and I facilitate dialogue with companies and employees when lines of respect and communication become broken. We love to educate business owners on their responsibilities to their staff and help them resolves challenges created when they made poor management choices. I hold certificates as a PHR, SHRM-CP, Paralegal, and Mediator, and a BSBM.

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As recruiters and HR professionals sometimes scan hundreds of resumes for just one job, your resume has to either stand out or be very on point. It's helpful to mirror your duties to the ad's specifications as some screeners simply can't imagine how your skills could be transferable or even written in another way, almost identical to what they are asking for in the ad. Additionally, be specific! Tell us what you DID or were directly responsible for, or if you supported the person who was responsible for that task, and if applicable, what the results were (i.e. "saving 25% in consumable purchases over a year", or "obtaining orders from 62% of inactive clients by reaching out in a "bring you back" email marketing campaign". I also like to see industry and company size at a glance on a resume. I can tell if you worked at Disney that you are used to heavy compliance and no-fail processes, but would you be able to walk into a job that had none of these in place for a smaller employer, and succeed? Or Vice Versa? I have to imagine you and your skills in MY opportunity, and then I would invite you for an interview.

You want someone to hire you. Do you want to be seen as a gig worker, someone who has side projects, or someone unemployed looking for their next job? Then apply for gig projects on the various job boards or reply to those seeking services on this site or those like it. Even Craigslist has gig or project based work. Do you have skills that will be desirable to those companies? Also check Federal and State or Regional laws... California for example has killed the independent contractor jobs (or at least is trying to). Companies aren't going to hire some random Californian anymore for side gigs or projects unless they are a legit business.

Or you do you want to be taken seriously *and paid seriously* as a BUSINESS OWNER? You need to have a niche solution. What is it that you can fix/solve/serve other people so that their needs are met? Then, create a business profile and a presence to attract people to you. Get an LLC or form a corporation. Network with people who have contacts with your ideal client base. (Do you even know what your ideal client base looks like?)

Working gigs might pay the rent. Remember - independent contracting for the most part is akin to working under the table -- no protections, no stability. But if you want all that life has to offer, you need to go bigger.

Good luck!

Definitely spend time with them. You need to know what type of person they really are and that takes time. Watch how they treat your receptionist or answer a call, meet them for coffee or a brunch and see how they treat wait staff. Let them talk.

If you want an objective measuring tool, i love the DISC system. We offer a very indepth reporting tool than can measure one's communication styles (pros and cons), behaviors and motivators, AND we can assess their sales acumen. We offer a very detailed narrative report, as well as an optional debrief and deep dive on that individual (often used for incumbents to step up their game). I'm happy to discuss and offer a discount of the DISC assesssment per the cost of the Clarity call so that you aren't out additional funds learning about it.

All excellent answers above. Another option are the golden handcuffs.... retention bonuses and offering ownership over a period of time.

My company handles this. We offer a self-serve payroll option for employers that pays either subcontractors or employees and issues the 1099s or w2s/quarterly taxes. However, for those employers who don't want to track timesheets or hunt down a missing punch or deal with "should I pay or not" for things like sick time, holidays, split shifts, or skipping meal breaks, we offer a concierge processing service as well. Let's talk further if you are interested in passing along that arduous task!

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