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Renowned Brand Strategist and Creative Director Fabian Geyrhalter is a prolific author and speaker on the subject of branding. He is the founder and principal of Los Angeles-based brand consultancy FINIEN. Geyrhalter’s best-selling book ‘How to Launch a Brand’ became a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and creatives alike. His latest book is ‘Bigger Than This - How to turn any venture into an admired brand.’

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Write a few white papers on topics that will be important to your clients to gain new subscribers and to nurture your vision for 2016. Write weekly blog posts and analyze your E-Mail outreach. Write a book about your consultancy's expertise. It's what we did with great success.

Know that if you ever have the desire or need to re-brand and/or re-position, you will face many challenges. Sounds logical after the fact, but as you go down that path of associating your name with the brand, it is easy to let the ego, or the simplicity of finding the domain name, run the branding process and push you into the limelight for good (may that actually be for better or worse!). I would advise against it so you can grow your business, eventually. Your personal brand will always be in the foreground and grow, regardless.

I am interested in learning about the reason as to why you are thinking about changing the name. Often the answer lies in your need for that change. Is it product-driven, ego-driven, pronounciation-driven? Whatever lies at the heart of it should be discussed and if necessary the name needs to be realigned with your brand's core purpose of being and your audience's emotional connection to the offering.

Best solution would be to come up with a new brand (in your case also brand persona) name that you can truly own. Sounds like a few steps back, but everything else is just patching up the problem, which will increase as your company grows and it would save you lots of headaches and money in the future while enabling your customers to find you...and yourself to own a unique brand.

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