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A passionate product professional with entrepreneurial exposure, having two decades of experience in IT, Business Analysis, Solution Consulting, Product Management, Enterprise Presales, Customer Engagement, and Thought Leadership. Spent more than eleven years in B2B software products and projects to address the human resource process automation requirements.

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I recommend to search and find opportunities in the following (apart from portals like upwork)

Good to see that you got wonderful exposure and hands on experience in tech space.

Hope you got a reasonably done resume. If you have sufficient supporting documents, good presence in professional networks, and reasonably updated about opportunities around, you could land up on your next big opportunity in a matter of three weeks.

I would not recommend to park 6 months for preparation as the economy is not that good.

So if you are ready, begin today with a plan in place.

1. Your objective is clear and established a target job
2. Load your resume in a couple of tech job portals, angel, LinkedIn etc.
3. Collaborate regularly in LinkedIn and stackoverflow kind of forums
4. Set targets every day - like find and apply for 20 opportunities, follow up with recruiters, talk to consultants, startup investors etc.
5. Monitor what is happening, evaluate progress and see what is the end result
6. Find some quality time and attend short online courses to refresh yourself. Do not forget to promote your certificates via professional forums.

Good Luck

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