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a.k.a. Devrig Bornet - Adriatic shark and strategist master of yours capital and revenue - The king of digital luxury and art. I am most searched strategist in digital marketing and coaching. I am creator of NBS and Answer books With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, My experience is a brand for success. Devrig has also been featured on Fox 5 kltv abc 7 fox 29 digitaljournal and more.

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Great idea I could help you launch the app and make it succeed in the market, There are many similar projects in my country but very fast cloase or fail , not so popular maybe I could give you a couple of good suggestions for work because I have experience how they should not work.
I would love to talk to you, My suggestion would be 15 minutes

Hello Michigan is a great place ,my business comes from Chicago I could give you relevant data that I created and which are 80% + accurate and provide insight into the demographic structure of the population can make a plan for you and during the conversation give you the information you need you can contact me in chat.

Great question, Quite a wide field for exchanging opinions my recommendation is to build smaller groups of people and see how the audience reacts to your services and products. You have to psychologically sell your beliefs.
that way you can achieve much greater success
I would be happy to give you a couple of tips for a 15 minute consultation

Dear my profession is a graphic designer with over 1000 graphics a year could you contact me to see what it is about maybe I could help you.

Forget about traditional sales, I think my NBS methodology can help you.According to the source of your text, I see that you are repeating mistakes in business and you cannot move to a higher level of sales. The main reason why this happens to you is you are use old way of thinking and managing sales.

Please contact me today, send me a link to your store I will do a free analysis

A couple of years ago I had a similar idea as you.
I want to share with you a lot of obstacles that you would encounter
good idea and great business model for selling quite a complicated topic and I have a lot to tell you . I would like you to contact me.

My expert recommendation is a good web site. Pay someone to create the perfect place to sell and distribute. Trying to use second calass platforms {Amazon, E-bay, Shopee} will make your job easier, but it will make it difficult for buyers to buy. There are 80 million e-stores on the internet and there are plenty of scams. Your site must meet the requirements of trust and functionality and not second-rate solutions. I would like to lead your project for a decent price, send me a message inbox and I will gladly analyze your idea and your plan for free.

There are many saas platforms on the internet. Why do you stand out from others. You will find answers on this platform but what no one will tell you is how to defeat the competition. It is true that my consulting services are available to you, but I would like to help you guide your product and create new users.
Call me today or contact me, don't waste your time with second-rate services.
a.k.a Devrig Bornet

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