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a.k.a. Devrig Bornet - Adriatic shark and strategist master of yours capital and revenue - The king of digital luxury and art.
I am most searched strategist in digital marketing and coaching.
I am creator of NBS and Answer books
With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry,
My experience is a brand for success.

Devrig has also been featured on Fox 5 kltv abc 7 fox 29 digitaljournal and more.

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For a small provider like you, it would be unprofitable, but there are some similar options that you can offer. Please ask us for an invitation and we will provide you with great ideas that can be profitable.

You can try something like uber to pay people who will deliver goods for a reasonable price

Forget everything you read and learned from all sources, You are certainly not an isolated case I had a similar problem and I did everything like you now I started a group for entrepreneurs . i trying to create social capital to generate income. The main problem of today's entrepreneurs is what they want to be and developer and entrepreneur and company owner and seller .... all of a sudden . it is not possible and that is why many fall in the market if you want to hear from me I would gladly suggest you to join our network

Very simply serve value and people will recognize the right thing, Ask existing members to share their story or some post from your facebook group

Quite a broad question, IT is on the rise what I advise my clients is to have a primary focus on product results and low prices ,do not expect to be able to sell packages and services with high tickets focus on simple and general services that shorten time and save customers money. Feel free to contact me in a message to give you more tips you can take to make your startup work well.

First, keep in mind where you live and whether this is common for your areas. Think about the obstacles you will encounter because you need to convince both the people who bring food to join you and the customers who buy food to use your service. It's not always easy and you have to sponsor a lot of people and pay a lot of advertisements, bonsai vouchers and free drinks would be welcome to start the campaign. If you are interested in how to start the right way you can contact me or book my call, one of my diplomas is a IV degree chef in working with such services. Take action and positively create your business today.

For $ 500 you can't get that much in the next 5-10 years, deposit money in the bank and you will get a decent secure interest rate of $ 500 which would create some modest income for you.

My expert opinion is that in small businesses you encounter a wall and obstacles because your system is not working. The reason why someone doesn’t want you to product lies in the fact that people need to see that your method really works and brings results. You can try free courses for a while. Build your customer relationship and trust. You ask every customer to advertise you to some extent as a pledge for what you have done. You will spend years developing your product and eventually you will have nothing. It is a harsh reality that you need to know.
Social networks are not a place to sell your products. Small businesses stay small because owners don’t see the need for your product. i live in a tourist place where 2000 companies only open during 3 months of the season and those companies go bankrupt in a very short time and never open again. 10% of companies survive the harsh market reality if you need professional help in creating a good profitable brand, feel free to contact me in messages I would be happy to help and give a few more tips for you.

Youtube is a great platform and there are a very large number of people who create content. Viewer psychology is crucial in your youtube career try to be interesting see what other channels like you do and try to improve what they do. Optimize your Youtube page with this tool
if you need more information on how to enter your channel more efficiently feel free to contact me to suggest you 369 Marketing method my new methodology for accelerated business growth.

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