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hey there,

These services are great for online transactions. These technology companies are, normally, self-regulated and self-governed. This can be seen in this link for Square.

They are tech companies that help transact business. Their security is through their own mechanisms. Banks are FDIC insured.

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This has a broad range of answers and some fit someone better than others. In my experience, I have noticed that I tend to buy from someone who I trust because there is a commonality. If they can express the reason for buying the product and you trust that there is a benefit for your life, then purchase it. If the salesperson is showing you WHAT the product does/is and tells you WHY they are different, you're going to naturally feel that you are being SOLD something and apprehensive to buy.

If they can provide why you need to buy this product/service and how they are different from their competitors, then that should be more effective than boasting about their service.

good luck


Congrats to you for wanting to get this started. I have done this myself and it is rewarding but of course, there are always challenges.

The best way to get started is by starting small. Create your product/service and make that your life. Talk about it all the time, get the word of mouth working for you. Start using free social media platforms to build out your marketing and niche. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube all free platforms to get started. The more people that see your work, the more opportunities you have to get some traction and set things in motion.

From there, you can build out a team once you start making money. When you build out that team, remember to bring in people that have the same desire and beliefs as you. Money is a product of good work and a vision!

Good luck!


This is a great question that can be answered with many answers.

Simply, and as cliche as it is, it is to believe in yourself and promote your true self. Simon Sinek wrote a book called "Start with WHY" and it is about finding out WHY you do things and start with telling people why you do things instead of what you do.

Mostly everyone promotes WHAT they do and HOW they are different from everyone else who does the same thing they do.
I firmly believe Sinek is correct when he says to start with telling people WHY you do what you do then tell them how you do it. Once you start to apply this to everyday life, you will notice yourself become different from your peers. It will be subtle but this is a way to stay true to who you are and what you believe and you can be a leader with that.

Good luck

Great question! I went from a large firm to a small business and became the manager quickly. I ran and managed the entire office and that is how my experience relates.

There are multiple ways to keep the manager enticed to stay in your organization. Here are a few ideas that have worked, could work, and other ideas that I have heard.

1. Pay - of course providing a higher pay to the manager to retain them. This shows that they are valued to the growth of the company. You are investing in the manager as a key piece to keep the company growing.

2. Providing Education - Paying for classes to help this certain employee grow personally. Ideally, paying for the classes to help this employee grow professionally will help both your company and your employees growth.

3. Retirement - provide a retirement account for the employee if you do not have one yet.

4. Student Loans - help by paying for part of their student loans. Obviously this relates to pay but this is a different way that can keep the employee enticed to stay.

5. Delegate - if they are that good and qualified to keep, allow them for responsibility/freedom to incorporate their ideas so they feel the value they are bringing to the company.

This is just a few example but I hope these help and if you want more ideas, please reach out. good luck!

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