Mia LeeStress Management Consultant

I utilize the wisdom of mental yoga and non duality to open highly committed professionals and entrepreneurs to the eternal bliss of the present moment.

My consulting aims to take a stressed mind out of the state of constant overthinking and into one of serenity, efficiency and clarity.

What would it be worth to have a serene peace of mind?

No more constant worrying thoughts. No more limiting beliefs.

Just a blank mental canvas ready to be used.

This is the solution that my self - enquiry based consulting provides. Self enquiry does not require a special period of sitting in stillness to be efficient. It is meant to be consistently practiced - throughout the ongoing activities of the day.

My greatest passion in life is to help facilitate the blossoming of this deep peace in others.

Are you ready to step into your most peaceful version?

Recent Answers

Create a company culture of presence in communication. We are socialized to talk "at" each other instead of "with" each other. This failure in communication can be attributed to an unconcious desire to seek control in every situation. This is rooted in fear and is not a productive means of engaging with other human beings.

Translating a message efficiently begins with a harmonious state of mind.

A seller who seems to uniquely understand my current needs and pain points. When I feel heard and understood I'm more likely to buy. I'm also more likely to buy if the seller seems like a genuine person.

Living authentically is what happens when you operate out of presence. Many "character" flaws are rooted in old and inefficient mental programming that may be discarded once you separate your true self from your "learned or socialized" self.

When you live in harmony with what is right now - inspiration comes to you and you automatically are able to discern what you're meant to do within each moment. This is where true insight comes from.

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