Krunoslav RisI'm IT professional with 17+ years in business.

I am in IT Business over 15 years, last 8 years I was directly involved into projects as Project
Manager / Solution Architect. I am very familiar with OOP and Business Process, and also I
was communicating with Customers on a daily basis. I am highly motivated person which loves new Project / Product Tasks.
My personal qualities combined with my diverse experience in software development, mentoring, lecturing, software architecting and strong leadership will contribute any Company success.
I managed technical and creative teams that focus on providing software and technology solutions to businesses that want to grow and dominate their markets.

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Hi, my name is Kruno. I have one SaaS application from which you can sell your services. I have investigated a couple of years ago some pricing models and my conclusion was that the only thing that can get us more money is to scale our business (get more customers which will do microtransactions over our platform).

kind regards, Kruno

Hi, in my opinion no, you should test first the device in your local saloon. After you improve the product, and after you are satisfied with the product is working, the next step would be branding and marketing. Before you come to market then you should fill for the patent.

Kind regards Kruno.

Hi, my name is Kruno, I had several startups and several partners in them. First of all, you should know how much money founders invested in the startup, and then how much money you need to bring inside of the company and in which period. Second, if this idea is a long shot and "maybe" can be the new facebook or new google you can participate with your work to bring an evaluation of the startup on a higher level.
Also, instead of money, you can offer your network of connections (to find investors, peach an idea etc...). Deffinetley check one of the online tools (e.g. And everything that you agree, put on the contract!!!! this is a must! Try to be very detail because if you don't put everything in the beginning, later you will have only problems with other founders.
For more questions, you can ping me anytime.
Have a nice day,

Hi, my name is Kruno, I was senior software Architect on a couple of projects all around the world. For what I got from your video it is obvious that it will be some kind of client-server architecture. My suggestion for the client side is Spring Boot + MongoDB + AngularJS (for building admin panel).
If you wish to include a mobile app, a suggestion is Ionic 3 (
I hope that I helped, let's talk for more...

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