Kathryn A ClancyTransform Wine Servers into Wine-Health Educators

Founder, Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural Wine authority. No ingredient and nutrition labels on wine bottles mean we mostly drink wines are highly processed and run counter to most of today's health and lifestyles. I train professionals and servers to match wines to their customers' health, diet, and lifestyle preferences.
Global Marketing, Sales, Business Development Environmental Professional 30+years. Peer-Coach in Seth Godin Marketing Seminars. Avid solo world adventurer!

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As a marketer, I look for photos that evoke nostalgia tied to specific emotions. For example, brides may be caught up in the story of love, family, and devotion that their grandparents shared. A poster of an older couple cuddling on a sofa with a photograph of their wedding clearly sitting behind them draws the new bride into the story of the marriage that she desires.

Make sense? Think of the story your target audience tells themselves, the emotions they want to resolve through your services, then tie together in the poster.

Hi! Great question and I love your 'passion'. I think you can benefit from a stronger message that speaks more clearly about who your audience is and what's in it for them.

You may benefit from a Seth Godin marketing class or book (This is Marketing) or also reading Building a Story Brand book as a start. They walk you through proven ways to identify who is your most viable selling audience and how to test and hone the services/products that they value.

Let me know if you'd like more help! Good luck too!

Marketing is about creating change. Change for people who deserve the change along with our talents, time, and resources.

I bet it's a small niche of people that you change at first, but if you choose your targeted people with empathy, you'll find they are connected to people just like them...and they will eagerly share your change be it through a product or service.

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