Philo4Thought HMI

Professional instructor and career coach with extensive experience in Human Resources and Career Advisement (public and private sector); currently CEO of a nonprofit career mentoring initiative.

Titles Held:
* Founding CEO (2009-Pres.)
* Educational Administrator/HR (2001-Pres.)
* Adjunct Assistant Professor (1997-Pres.)
* Writer/Journalist (1995-Pres.)
* Mentor/Student Advisor (1991-Pres.)

Professional Profile:

Recent Answers

Helping others in nonprofit settings is always an option, though making money at high and sustainable levels is not always a certainty, especially when you're first starting out. It depends on the nonprofit model you're working with and the type of service provided.

In my experience, it's better to start with a niche group and focus on providing a more robust service to a select group. Gradually others who fall outside of the target market will also seek you out as you build your positive reputation within your niche target market.

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