Nitin DubeyP&L, Go to Market,Operations, Sales, CEO, Mentor

Nitin has been a P&L, GTM ( go to market ), Operations and Sales leader and is a scale up specialist. His success stories so far have been : Aashirvaad Atta ( ITC Limited ), Olacabs and Qikwell ( acquisition by Practo ). He is a turnaround specialist with a keen eye for bottlenecks and growth hacks. Nitin is also an Ultra Marathon Runner who thrives by building high performance teams. He held the position of Co-founder, while working at Prayagad which was building a Natural Language Processing based healthcare platform which would benefit the entire health ecosystem. He lists the following professional experiences: Healthcare, Internet Startups , Cabs, FMCG, Food , Oil and Gas. He has specific expertise in: Operations, Sales , Turnaround , Growth , P&L. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt

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To response to this question one needs to understand various other aspects of your offering , your market , your current team strengths, current stage of growth of the product as well as your current problems. I have been a SaaS sales leader for couple of products and have built and mentored these Sales Organisations. Let me know if I could help

Well, your reviews affect the target audience and the makers of the product. So, you should review if you think you have a good sense of the product and similar offerings in the market, or if you consider yourself a user of the product. Else, you may be creating biases and 'noise' in the minds of the affected parties.

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