Larry BraunerSaaS & Tech Startup Online Marketing Consultant

Develop online marketing solutions for startups and growth-oriented companies, which increase sales while reducing selling costs.

Recently created, managed and optimized search engine marketing programs that enabled SaaS tech startup iPostal1 to enroll sufficient paying subscribers to demonstrate its viability and dominate its category.

Internet marketing expertise includes: Search engine marketing, Google AdWords certification, sales funnel optimization, and content marketing.

Analytics expertise includes: Marketing & web analytics, customer acquisition & retention, market research, performance, and actuarial analysis.

Build and supervise technical teams. Vet & manage agencies & independent contractors.

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The question itself suggests that to some extent you're thinking about your product as generic, which I'm sure it's not. If your product can meet some of your customer's needs better than competitor products, that's what matters.

Based on my experience, if you position your product accordingly, you could very well acquire subscribers without free trials or freemium plans. Why not get paid up front and offer a satisfaction guarantee?

I would start with one plan. It's easier to add plans than to drop them.

Please call and we'll brainstorm together.

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