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Started my agency with $0 investment and grew it from 1 person team to 50 full time team members in 4 years.

10 years IT sales management experience

8 years inbound marketing experience (worked with Inc 500 world's fastest growing start-ups)

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I have 10 year old profile on Upwork, you can generate also lots of remote work opportunities from Linkedin and Facebook. Call me for a short consultancy call.

You get started quickly on platforms like Upwork, and etc to start earning quick money by sharing your skills. There are also bunch of other online revenue generation opportunities starting from teaching kids English, making and selling courses online, building a website and generating revenue from your website, making content and generating ad revenue from your content. Using your social media platforms as a micro-influencer and making profits from that

Currently, I have 4 independent revenue streams. Please call me I will teach you practical tactics that will take hours to get started.

I reviewed some of your videos and they are impressive. First of all, I would like to know why you think times are changing since SEO and PPC are still million-dollar strategies for lots of B2B companies if everything is done well.

CMOs and marketing directors ---- you can reach them on websites that are actually valuable for them and they spend lots of time. So the following channels can be part of your targets:

1. Agency review websites. When it comes to hiring a new agency CMOs and marketing directors do searches and screening on agency review websites like Clutch, UpCity and etc to find their next great vendor. If you don't have a solid profile in such websites you should review your strategy on how you appear there for your target.

2. Google

On Google they search all their challenges, starting from how to increase the ROI, up to how to start with video strategy, how to measure it, how to find vendors, how to beat the competition etc. If you can answer to those questions then most probably you can be their preferred vendor too.

3. PPC

Of course, they are on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, Quora (you can answer to Q/A organically and build your brand too)

4. Marketing blogs / Influencers

Of course, they follow Neil Patel, Gary Vee. They read articles on Forbes, Search Engine Land, Hubspot Marketing Blog, etc. If your business is mentioned in those blogs then you get lots of high-quality refferal traffic to your website.

5. Networking / Social Groups

On Facebook and on Linkedin there are lots of great social networks where CMOs and marketing directors exchange valuable information. You should be cautious not to spam and give value first with all your posts and recommendations.

I'm an agency owner myself and have worked with a couple of hundred of CMOS and marketing directors. Give me a call to discuss your strategy and your options in greater detail to ensure your growth is predictable and scalable with whatever approach you want to invet in.


I am CEO @ Incredo ( and we do app marketing for start-ups

Assuming you have already on Google Play or Appstore you may consider submitting your app to other marketplaces as well. There are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app. According to One Platform Foundation, if an app is submitted on other relatively less popular stores, it will increase the expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play.

These are some very good app stores that you should consider:

--Opera Mobile Store
--Amazon Appstore

Participating in app awards is the most recommended channel and I would highly suggest you take advantage of it. It can give you tons of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads. Although the chances of winning very much depend on your pitch and app idea, however, if you manage to get things right the first time, you can expect to enjoy a little stardom.

These are some of the most famous app awards sites:

--Appy Awards
--Best App Ever Awards
--AppCircus competition
--Apple Design Awards
--Appsters Awards
--Ericsson Application Awards
--The Webby Awards
--Best Mobile App Awards

Hope these help.

If you need any help with ASO or Paid user acquisition please let me know

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The best strategy is

1. Keep working on that landing page and add more content. Try to interview some influencers, add some facts and statistics, add Q/A section if it is missing

2. Keep working on getting backlinks. There are lots of ways to generate backlinks. If you do #1 WELL your chance of getting strategic backlinks will be higher

Extra Tip! Set up Google Webmasters and monitor or your page is performing in Google over time

If you have any questions would be happy to help

Here is your best practice, step by step:

First of all, let's understand what ''high PR backlinks'' mean?

Getting high PR backlinks is almost equivalent of getting high PR relationships with high PR people.

At the end of the day humans (even those who work in Washington Post, New York Times, Mashable ---- top websites to get backlinks from, they are humans too).

So in order to get what you have the following 3 options

1. Hire somebody who have already built these relationships. They have a proof and there is a context /fit between their relationships and your business.

2. Hire somebody / an agency who is going to build the relationships together with you. Make some template emails and email sequences with the. Build your desired website pages together with your agency and let them do the work, share reports with you, forward the emails and responses they are getting and hopefully get it done after some hard work

3. Build the relationships yourself. Since your time is valuable you need to manage some staff

So I think the second option is the best option for you! Instead of finding a platform do the following steps:

1. Find a marketer / agency who understands your industry and has at least some 5-6 years experience working

2. Let them do some research and find a list of influencers and websites that would be attainable to get backlinks from

3. Filter the list together and give your final approval

4. Let the agency / freelancer make some email outreach templates and offerings? What do high PR websites get when they are linking to you? Do their visitors get a valuable recommendation when they refer to you?

5.Let them start the networking and analyse analyse analyse. Analyse what works, who are more open to work with you and adjust your upcoming lists and email templates accordingly

I am marketing agency owner and with my team we have accomplished lots of backlink creation campaigns along with other growth solutions --->

Would be happy to support with more details over the phone :)

Skills that you can grow and be trained

1. Analytics - you need to analyze campaigns, landing pages, keywords and bunch of other data to be successful

2. Creativity - you need to be creative to write some interesting content, or be able to judge the work of the designers and creative team

3. Curiosity - you need to test lots of staff and be curoius to learn more staff every day. The industry is changing very fast.

I recommend you also checking out my latest article on 10X marketers. A 10X marketer is an individual who is thought to be as productive as 10 others in his or her field.

This will help you also to find what skills you need to have that are normally hard to be trained for!

Hey there,

I am an owner of a 30 person creative agency with Content, Design, Development and Strategy departements.

My agency is certified partner with some of the largest technology vendors in the market and we have been announced also as one of the Top 5 content marketing teams in the World!

Here are some valid tips for you to generate leads:

1. Participate in conferences as speaker and gain more network

2. Partner with other agencies that don't have creative departments so they can outsource you some work

3. Ask for referrals, don't just sit and wait for them

Publish the referrals in your website and agency review websites

4. Create some free creative bundles and give away for free

5. Utilizing networking websites

If you design, make sure you have a profile on Dribbble, Behance, Coroflot and/or Krop. Also join the discussion on Designer News.

6. Make an advanced SEO strategy to rank for local and decision stage keywords.

E.g. design agency in Huston, Website design company in Los Angeles, etc

Hope this helps.

Call me, if you want more in detailed plans that me and my marketing and sales teams use to grow our own creative agency from 1 to 30 people within 2 years

Hiring 1 SEO contractor it won't solve your problem. SEO and online lead generation is a complex game.

The best way to have your SEO work is to have integrated marketing campaigns when keyword research, content marketing, website, influencer marketing, outbound marketing and sales prospecting work hand in hand

In order to run strong integrated marketing campaigns you should invest in one of the following options

1. Build and manage a team of smart marketing and sales professionals

2. Hire a niche agency

Disclaimer: I am on owner of a 30 person inbound marketing agency, that has been announced as one of the Word's top 5 content marketing agencies

I have been in SEO game since my 16, before launching my company.

Feel free to read our case studies and blogs in our website

Send me your website for a free SEO assessment and tips

App company means you are app development company or it means you have your app (product) and leads are asking for the price of the product?

In both options I will reply with detailed answer since I have 30 person agency and I build products!

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