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Why get your banker to advise on the sale of the business? Seems you're using the wrong advisor.
Finding a buyer for any service (or a business) begins with YOU knowing the obvious purchasers....

I sold my business last week (seriously, yes) and I started by researching other firms in the same and adjacent marketplaces. Then I sent them this email.

The owners of XXXX have put the business up for sale. If you would like to find out more with a view to buying it as a going concern, please get in touch before 12 December 2017.

We would count it as a personal favour if you could refrain from sharing this information outside your organisation.

Many thanks.

I got 6 enquiries, got 5 NDAs signed, and proceeded to negotiations with two and sold to one....

I brought the lawyers in late in the day, once we had agreed a heads of terms. I knew the price I wanted and they told me during negotiations what they valued the firm at and we haggled....

And so my advice is to first find possible buyers by approaching them direct. Then bring in advisors. NOT your banker (he's good for banking.... not business sales).

Go for it.

My online retail business generates around 30% of revenues through social media marketing. We get a lot more leads but they are hard to identify because in B2C situations, the customer is anonymous. However in B2B marketing there is a longer sales cycle and the prospect self-identifies more readily.

Get in touch if you want tutoring in how to set this process up for yourself.

Well done - getting started.

1 - Do you have a website?
2 - On your website how do you invite subscription?
3 - Have you got social profiles?
4 - On your social profiles, how do you invite subscriptions?

So you've guessed, you need to get people to visit a place on the web which you own (website / social profiles) and then invite them to join your newsletter. Consider what 'offer' you can make which is attractive to them in addition to getting the articles. has a good Wordpress plugin for subscriptions. Also check out Push Notifications as many sites prefer this as subscribers won't share their email address. I wrote this article about Notifications

Things for you to GrowthHack test
1 - Is 10 articles too few / too may / just right?
2 - What offer can you make to subscribers?
3 - How are you monetising your newsletter?
4 - Which brands can you collaborate with to grow your list with theirs in a joint venture arrangement?
5 - what are your key metrics and ideal customer profile?

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Take a close look at we are using it for a couple of clients and it has most of the Hubspot features, enables automatic tagging (buyers and sellers) and you can set up automations for your ebook download etc as you detail in your question.

You will be able to get rid of your email automation software as it's included in the tool. And the service pricing is about 80% lower than comparable other services plus has more features. Take a look at this page where they run detailed comparisons to Hubspot and other popular services

We are just migrating from Insightly to Take a look - it's fully featured and very good value. We are using it to replace Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor and FeedBlitz for some of our clients.

This is CRM database software - so may not suit your needs. But it's subscription; BUT it's low cost subscription.

Quick answer: Yes it is possible.
Longer answer: But it's a tough sell. You see, the only people who'd work for you this early stage just for equity are people who already know you and trust you and your business.

And so if in your angel investor group you can find someone with marketing knowledge, use them to help you.

In the very short term you can make this work. BUT even in good ole U. S. of A., I fear you'll struggle to get good marketing advisors prepared to meet your terms.
This does not mean you shouldn't try; but have a plan B prepared which should be a smaller budget, longer runway tactic. I can help you develop this.

Results-based payments are 100% effective and as a part-payment they could work well for you. Downside is you need to use open-book accounting and give yourself 100% to the strategies recommended by the agency. Both you and they need skin in the game to make this remuneration work.

Go for it. But have a Plan B.

To monetise anything you need
1 - an audience
2 - a product to sell to the audience

Your question is not clear on either of these points. So first you need to answer these questions:

Are the people in a single industry / areas of interest?
Where do other people who like that industry / interest area hang out?
What brands do they like?
Can you offer the brand access to your audience for a fee?
What add-on or associated services can you combine with your core product?
Consider the customer life-time - from newbie to leaving the brand - what are the stages you go through (CRM)?
What products and services can you offer that align with each stage and how can you help the brand stay relevant to the audience through each of these stages?

Go to work and write up your answers..... then we can give you more tasks.

Marketing to students is a great way to launch a business - but it has challenges.
1 - Students have no money so what you offer needs to be extremely good value.
2 - If you sign a student to your service, they will be with you for life. So it's a great time to get engagement and follow them through their careers.

I have done several student-oriented marketing projects and here are some suggestions which could work for your project.
1 - get yourself in to face to face meetings with the careers team at universities. Tell the permanent staff about your service ask them if they would agree to be in a case study.
2 - Go and meet the engineering companies recruiters who hire graduates. Check that they would value what you offer. Ask them if they would agree to be in a case study.
3 - Recruit a few students who use your service and get great jobs with engineering companies. Write a case study.
4 - Find the groups / networks where engineering students hang out. Ask your student case study people to add you into the groups.
5 - Offer an awesome up-sell for every student who recruits a friend e.g. one on one coaching, preferential listing on the site when hiring engineering firms view candidates.
6 - Offer an awesome up-sell for every engineering firm who reads a student's bio and experience via your platform.

Numbers 5 & 6 are where you can generate 'virality" or "growth hacking" using tools to improve your brand reach and product visibility.

I would also recommend adding Facebook Messenger as a live chat option. So many people use it and it builds trust with your brand in a medium they're familiar with. Try this integration [disclaimer - I've never tried it].

Secondly, use the chat interactions as source material for your content marketing. Every question should already be an FAQ answer.
Also build a mailing list using the Facebook pixel from your Messenger interactions - you can do push messaging using FB direct into Messenger which is an awesome replacement for email marketing.
Happy to discuss further if you need.

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