Shubham Shamiwork with online many online companies

My name is Shubham Shami . I am 24 years old boy . I had done work with many online companie as Supervisor . I jad learn from many companies like flipkart , Amazon , Groffer Pvt Ltd , and also work with the companies who gives man power to online industries. so you can ask me anything that you need to rise your companies or you may need to ask for your bussiness

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don't find a expert find a fresher for your work . Reason for a fresher is really exited to develop your work because he/she learn new and they have much more excellent ideas ways to do something new and find the way to show their ability of what they actual learn and help you to launch or develop the things

as i think if i was a introvert founder firstly i was prepared myself in the field of sales is makes sure my self about the product which i was going to sell to anyone is one of the good products if a costumer ask me question like why this product is good what is the best part which make it different from other i was here to buy that product but cause of something it is not available here i found your product it shows the same things which is written on the product that for i am here does it really helps me same so at that time . for selling my product and gives a best varified of my product which may helps to make sure the costumer to buy my product only for that i have to be sure first about the product . if i can explain the costumer and the costumer satisfied so that my brand goes higher in selling and then here is your answer to sell your product . you also need to add your product in market

There is so much advises and so much answers from different different persons like i am the one of them if u want to find the companies who export there goods to japan as my opinion u have to find the companies first who actually sells goods of japanies companies so u may find the way from that companies after taking with them or meeting with that companies they help you much better then us they tell you the name of companies who exports the goods to japan and why japan takes goods from that companies what was the reasons which makes japan more intreseting to buys their goods from that companies why they should not make their good own self may be it helps you to clear your other things also

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