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You can hire amazing research talent on Upwork. Before that though, you'll have to work out what your hypothesis is, what are you trying to prove?

Given what you've shared, I'd guess that you're looking for recurring income. The easiest to start might be the goal setting program if it were truly uhique.

The better bet to my mind is creating a series of online courses. The online education market is booming both for traditional sites like Udemy and new entries like invitation-only Zekqr.

For a very successful model for building an online course empire check out Phil Ebiner and Sarah Cordiner. Both have built profitable online business and teach about it.

When it comes time to implement, you'll want to get my course, Outsourcing Made Easy on Udemy or schedule a call with me. Best, Dina

Excellent question to which you've gotten good advice. My role here is to help you with implementation. Here's what I'd suggest.

Take the particulars of the ideal client avatar you created (assuming you did) and use that as the basis for a local census search. You'll hire a quality researcher on Upwork to determine the zip codes surrounding you where your target resides. Now you know where your peeps live.

Think about that customer's journey. Who do they interact with or ask for help prior to reaching you, the physiotherapist. Another data search will identify those referral sources.

Next, you can either reach out personally with a call or hire an appointment setting to call and schedule get acquainted meetings with your referrals.

Investing a few hundred dollars in research that leads to aligned targets is very worthwhile. Using sites like Upwork to find talent allows you to leverage your time while still prospecting.

Not sure how to outsource? Check out my course, Outsourcing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs on Udemy.
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Best wishes.

Step back for a moment to assess the situation. Do you need a partner or a remote team to help you achieve more?

Write down all the projects that need to get done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Then prioritize them based on which require your knowledge, talents or skills to complete. Anything else you can DELEGATE.

Delegation is simply telling someone else how to help you achieve a goal. Outsourcing is just asking for help from someone outside of your business. No big deal.

Once you have the task list , look to find freelancers to help you complete it. You have plenty of choices. You'll find independent freelancers on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms are best for short term projects.

If you want a dedicated VA and a liaison to help you manage, look on sites like TasksEveryday or 24/7 Virtual Assistants. You'll buy a block of hours to use over the course of a month with your virtual team.

The key to getting a great results is planning and communication. What steps go into the task? What will your freelancer need to be,have or do to complete the task to your satisfaction.

Be sure to write the steps, your instructions and any needed info into a document for the freelancer. That document then becomes your Legend, the story of how you do that task which can be shared with future freelancers.

If you want to dive deeper into your specific details, feel free to schedule a call with me.

Have you considered adding another side hustle? You obviously have mad skills in a variety of arenas. Why not offer up your expertise on sites like Patreon, where patrons support you with cash for the content you create?

For instance, you could share your journey and how-tos around getting to $333 daily passive revenue. I think sponsorship is going to be the next big thing in content creation.

Now if you don't know what to upcycle- my word for recycling old content- that's another story entirely. LOL. Of course it makes sense to pick content you still feel some passion for and that resonates with your audience. These days I favor 'micro-solutions', just solving one basic problem. There's so much information available now that being succinct becomes a value-add.

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