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It looks like perhaps you are looking at starting an APP vs an actual food service, am I correct? If that is NOT the case, don't read any further...
If that IS the case, a quick search shows several options for app development, but that is only a small part of what you face. Your biggest challenge will be creating a brand and marketing your service. It's no longer a "build it and they will come" but more of a "serve it, tell it and attract them" model.
Your marketing will need to address two audiences, the food services and the public. Be sure to account for the needs and problems that you are solving for each. Also be sure to have a specific monetization strategy at the start - advertising or PPC are common.
Let me know if you would like to talk more, and hopefully I've understood your question.

Hi - i would first start with your goals. if this is to be a group for your team to interact and share, a system like Teams, Slack or Monday are good alternatives that have cloud interfaces and have a ton of functionality. For more open groups, Facebook groups are pretty robust. Could you tell me a little more about how you want to use the group and the overall goal as that may help define your solution better.

Lead generation is very important - more importantly, being aware of what works best to keep a steady stream of leads coming in to the top of your sales funnel. There are a number of ways to ensure you have leads, but before you get there, it's important that you understand your customer. By creating a thorough persona for your customers, you will have a better idea of how to reach them and what to say to them.
After this foundation is set, there are many different lead generation techniques you can employ. Usually this will involve a content strategy and lead nurture approach that will keep your company top of mind for the moment your lead is ready to convert to a sale. Additionally, by having a content plan, you can give your sales team the support they need when making those connections.
I would be happy to talk with you to better understand your business and help you by laying out a lead generation and lead nurture plan.
Hope this is helpful!

I have an idea that you might consider. While there are different ways to make introductions, and i'm sure you have already tried LinkedIN and other lead generation programs that can help you by targeting companies? But if you are targeting law firms, often law firms need to bring in presenters for continuing education. If you have something to offer that could be considered for education, you might use this as a way to make a connection with the law firms - once they know you, they may be more open to partnering with you in order to introduce you.

Sometimes a country that is generally in your market region may be better set up to support startups. I know, for example, that Israel has a tremendous startup infrastructure and accelerators, as does Latin America and Asia. So I would begin by asking about your industry and your target region to better advise you. When you say 80% Lithuania, is that your planned sales base?
Happy to chat in more detail.

I'm actually in the middle of doing this exact same thing, ie, converting my in-person brand workshop into online modules.
I would be happy to have an informational call and I can share what I've done so far about converting the workshop into modules and lessons with worksheets.
If interested, message me and we can connect.

Hi Peter, one key pointer that I always offer my clients working in HubSpot is to remember that the platform is very flexible. This means that there are many different ways to set up your programs and accomplish your tasks. Once you remember that, it's important to establish your business rules and guidelines up front so that you don't end up with a "frankenstein" implementation.
Hope that is helpful!

I have a secret naming panel that I use to help brainstorm names for companies without spending tens of thousands of dollars. But naming can be very tricky. As mentioned in the other answers, there is much more to consider beyond memorability and trademark.
A good starting point to do it yourself is to make three lists of single words: 1. function, 2. feeling, and 3. fun. Then pull back and look at those words. Do any go together? What speaks to you as the essence of your business? What synonyms do you find for each of those words?
I usually will work with my panel to develop a short list. That short list needs to be memorable, but also be relatively uncluttered with competitive search traffic and domains. An SEO strategy is a crucial part of this.
Hope that was helpful!
Happy to tell you more about my approach as well.

I love Leslie's answer, so I will add to hers by going a level above, back to your product. Who is your product built for and what problem are you solving? This seems like a basic question, but when I work with clients on their brand and product development, we spend a lot of time on exploring their target customers.
By developing a key persona or personas (an Avatar, or example of your customer), you will also create a profile that answers this question about your demographics and goes further to roadmap the best way to reach them. Most importantly, what to say to them.
Then, for audience sizing and more specifics, Leslie gives you great guidance in her answer.
I would be happy to talk you through an exercise to get to this strategic answer if you'd like.

That's a great offer, and I'm sure there would be businesses who would like your help. Have you established yourself as a consultant? I mean the mechanical part of setting yourself up, ie, website, business license, linkedin profile, etc.
Remember that just because you are offering your service at no cost, you still need to be able to tell the story of why someone would want to work with you and let you "inside." For example, are you just starting out? are you looking for references or testimonials? be sure to use your personal story in your message.
LinkedIN would be a good place to start. But first, try to get super narrow in your targeting of the type of organization you want to work with. The narrower you can make your target, the easier it will be to reach them.
Find the type of org you want to work with, then you can use sales navigator to reach out to those businesses.
Hope this helps!

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