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3-time best selling Amazon author, creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps with 2,000,000+ downloads, mobile app marketing expert, Udemy instructor (elearning) with 100,000+ students, YouTube marketer (more elearning) with 2,000,000 views, successful Fiverr seller, affiliate marketing expert, and a business coach that can get your business to the next level!

My clients love me, and you will too, especially after the amount of business and marketing help you will get from me. I am passionate about Udemy, elearning, mobile apps and helping you create a business plan, marketing plan, and a business strategy that will help you succeed.

I am a business coach with over 1,000 people in my business coaching practice and I can help you plan and start a business, create a marketing plan for you, and much more.

I am a business coach, and help people with:
- mobile apps and mobile app marketing strategy
- marketing plan and marketing strategy (SEO, social media, affiliate marketing)
- business strategy (lean start-up methodology and how to start a business)
- how to write a business plan or a marketing plan
- making money online
- Udemy and making money with online courses
- Freelancing on Fiverr
- How to make money online, especially on Udemy

I am also an author of 15+ business and marketing books. Some of the topics I write on are mobile apps and mobile app marketing, SEO, marketing, how to write a marketing plan or a business plan, and related topics:

Online teacher (elearning) with over 50,000 students on Udemy:

Here is more about me on Wikipedia:

Recent Answers

I wouldn't rely on that at first. It might only be a realistic option when you are much more established.

Run it by an expert. And together you can go through the business planning of this idea. An expert should be able to spot flaws in your strategy and suggest workarounds. Together, you will work to refine the original plan so it can be successful.

Most likely no. A single business plan is enough. The key is to make sure that what you actually wrote is good. And if you are a first time entrepreneur, you have little way of verifying whether what you planned will actually play out. This is where you have toget advice of experts to go over your plan.

I have done exactly this with my business. I originally made mobile apps for entrepreneurs. You can find a number of them on - but after that I wrote books based on the apps, started a YouTube channel, made online courses and started coaching people. I completely self-branded as a business coach/expert, and have turned it into a business. I can explain exactly what I did if you want to have a conversation about it.

It is very difficult to find someone good. Even companies who pay $100,000/year find it difficult to get good developers. So your approach is very unlikely to work out.


Yes you should certainly have a business plan just to get the other parts of your business model working right, and to organize your own ideas. The important things to get right will be how you will market the app and get a large volume of downloads.

I actually made a video on how to write a business plan for a mobile app which may be very pertinent to your question:

Because mobile apps are innovative, many things are unknown (not just monetization) so it is more difficult to plan than traditional businesses. Nevertheless, you have to get 3 parts very right:

1) Building a product that will be competitive within the niche you choose
2) Eventual monetization
3) How you will get hundreds of thousands or millions of downloads (yes that many!)

I hope that was helpful. Is that the kind of an answer you were looking for?


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