Tom MorkesCEO of Insurgent Publishing

Founder of Insurgent Publishing. I've helped my clients create record-setting Kickstarter campaigns, break Guinness World Records, become New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestsellers, and more.

Past clients include:
- Neil Patel (
- Ash Maurya (
- Joseph Michael (Easy Course Creation)
- Jesse Krieger
- Alinka Rutkowska
- John Lee Dumas (
- Dan Norris (The 7 Day Startup)

And many others.

Most of my work remains unattributed by choice.

In total, I've helped my clients generate hundreds of thousands of leads and multiple millions in revenue across a range of industries.

Recent Answers

Hire people to research and compile information for you. Turn your personal method into a framework. Bullet point it out and elaborate on the points (speak > transcribe if you're not a great writer). Then give it to a ghost writer (with a good track record).

That will cost more than $10k to do...but may be worth it if you have a marketing plan to promote and sell the book when you launch.

Have you thought about the cover, the distribution channels you want to leverage, the alternative marketing channels available for your particular book, etc.?

Those are more important than the writing piece in many respects because they dictate what and how you write (not to mention will dictate whether you sell any books or not).

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