farida mohammedBusiness Coach to millennials & Small Bizowners

Partner@Mohammedi Associates,CA,BCom,12yrs+ exp in business management,Business Coach to millennials who want to start & grow their own business, passionate about helping small businesses grow, love to coach abt business processes, branding, negotiations & network marketing

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I wd say dont be into starting a business while studying, earn your degree as it matters, meanwhile think over what you really want to do, get clarity on your passion, businesses fail mostly due to lack of passion n strength to take it forward due to absence of skillset, team up with a friend to start a side hustle rather, most of millennials are online, see what you can easily sell, some are great chefs, some are good at reselling, try what fits your time as well, hope it helped!

Well there are tons of courses online everwhere, point is how would you know which one works best, i suggest you do online coaching program, i give 1:1 to millennials who need to start their business, my quali in accounting and exp in business helps them get clarity on step by step guidance on how to move forward, connect with me if this interest you or wish to know more.

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