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- Massive ROI on your time, money, and stress, while creating time and location freedom.
- Ran multiple companies ranked in the top productivity by employee for over a decade
- Time and location freedom for self and companies and team

Systems, processes, project management, company playbooks, time management, email management, efficiency, productivity.

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What are a couple subjects/things you LOVE to talk about?
Something you'd be excited to talk about and share on Tik Tok?

Also, start following Gary V on youtube

I've found great team members, across all skill sets, by being immersed in leadership academies in emotional intelligence.

What matters first BEFORE skill set. Leadership qualities, and character.

They are all around the world.

Keith Cunningham nails accounting and financials and cash flow.

I've studied it since I was 14, and he is the best resource I've ever witnessed regarding coaching it. Youtube has clips and leads towards him.

Regarding the business and all its roles and recurring tasks...

1. get it out of the brain into an org chart
2. for each role, get clear on the cadence for each role (what to do and how often), which builds a master checklist. I do have a video on this, so its clear.

I used this in tandem with some other playbook apps, that allowed for companies to be ranked in the top productivity by employee, as well as freedom. Hope this supports.

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