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7+ years as a psychotherapist. 15+ years as a wilderness guide. Founded Avanim Adventures and Ari Hoffman Psychotherapy.

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Yes, yes, and a little more yes.
I can relate to you but in a different field. I am a psychotherapist and wilderness guide.
I can recommend an approach: whatever you do, don't be a spaz about it. I think you know what I mean by spaz, I certainly do because I've been accused of being one many times in my life.
Pick a project that you think has merit. Talk to mentors, advisers, friends, and get their feedback. Listen to what they have to say. You don't have to follow all of their advice but allow yourself to really consider it.
Then pursue it.
Remember an enormously important thing: when you're hiking on a mountain never look up. The horizon is constantly receding and you'll get discouraged. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other and celebrate your small successes.

We both know that the skills required in wilderness adventures are desirable in most settings. What I have learned in the wilderness could inhabit countless motivational seminars.
Because of the fact that employers are only scanning the resume, try putting something a little more catchy.
In Colorado, where I live, everybody and their cousin has backpacked in the wilderness so instead we might put something like: climbed 10 14'ers, wilderness survival specialist, or wilderness guide (on my resume).

Pick two or three things you learned in the wilderness that you think are marketable and then add them as bullet points under the title.

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