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I am a creative entrepreneur, graphic designer, content creator, and speaker. I will teach you to develop a powerful and authentic brand for yourself and your company, to optimize and modernize your creative process for the startup world, and to use your own personal creative voice to drive you to business success.

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From an identity and branding standpoint, it sounds like your operations in the two states provide the same product or service to the same target demographic. Thus, they should stay as a unified brand as far as your look and feel, including logo, website, business cards, and social media. It's not unusual for companies to co-locate.

This is partially a legal question, so be sure to contact your accountant and lawyer about the matter.

However, it would be helpful to learn more about what your startup does in order to best solve your dilemma, including how location-dependent the service is. Would you like to set up a call so that we can dive into the issue further?

It's great that you have an online portfolio, but what I noticed is missing from your description is a specialty or a description of concrete skills. Both "graphic arts" and "computer graphics" are broad and outdated terms. Are you doing Web / mobile UI design? CAD? 3D modeling? Vector drawing? Branding and marketing materials? Print design? What software do you use? In what media and channels do you have the most experience?

Normally, I do not recommend designers do pro bono, volunteer, speculative, or other unpaid work, -except- for in cases like yours where your professional design experience is nonexistent. Take on a few of these projects that interest you. Do them for 6 months to 1 year. After that, charge a reasonable starting rate for your area. After another year, raise your rate, and so on.

After that, as in any other business, is establishing your unique value proposition -- what you can offer that no one else in that specialty or skill set can.

Feel free to schedule a call with me to discuss further branding and design techniques.

Charging per lead shows that you are setting your pricing based on the value you bring to clients, and that you are willing to put a personal stake in getting them results.

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