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Tamer is an innovation expert who has 28 years of experience in the technology domain, he had led Orange Lab programs for broadband, mobile and multimedia in EMEA region for 6 years starting 2008. His team had succeeded to reach world class recognition with two products awards best new services in Africa Com 2011 and 2013.
He had initiated the development of completely new products during his career and many of them are still serving globally. That includes Internet EveryWhere which is a low cost internet broadband solution for rural areas where no 3G/4G is available and the cost is below $100 per connection serving 50 people at least.

Tamer is an entrepreneur, co-founded 3 startups in the last 5 year(Ogra,Asly and BioBusiness) and he managed many business incubation programs for the government including Bedaya Center/Ministry of Investment and ASRT Intilac program (Ministry of Scientific Research).
Tamer started the first specialized incubation program in Egypt with EBNI incubator for IoT in 2015 and with support from Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

During his career in incubation management he had mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and more than 2000 startups.
Tamer is a biomedical engineer who worked for the government in Egypt and he has an international working experience with Sprint telecommunication in USA and Orange in France where he worked for more than 10 years.

He is known for managing innovation and leading creation of new products and services in different technology domains.

He holds many prestigious awards in telecommunication, entrepreneurship and innovation like
AfricaCom best new product 2011 (Internet for All)
AfricaCom best new service 2013 (Internet Everywhwere)
Abu Dhabi SME summit runner-up startup 2013 (ASLY)
GIST-I top ten startups 2012 (ASLY)
Alexandria TechneSummit runner up award – 2016 (Qoudra)

He is currently leading the business opportunity creation in Ventitude as the company co-founder. The company is developing solutions for e-learning and training, and designing incubation/acceleration programs.

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