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I have been in the field of digital marketing for 8 yrs now. I have worked hands on in all major functions but I spend the majority of my time in performance marketing. I work full time as a Performance Marketing Head in an edu-tech company. I work with startups and companies of all sizes as a strategy consultant.

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hahaha. nice.

This depends on your relations with him. If he has already invested in your company, sure!

If you are looking for an investment from him, think well.

If he is a cold guy, who minds his business, it could be good to refrain from it. But if he is warm, friendly and really likes your company, why not! :)

Well, as you already understand the importance of quality content, you are already half way through my friend. :)

If your content adds value to the lives or businesses of your visitors, it all boils down to taking this content out and reaching to consumers.

SEO, as I assume you understand, plays a very big role here. Let people find what they want at your niche website.

Other than that, using old school email marketing is the best way to induce customer engagement with your brand.

Collect emails through opt ins and engage them through emails. Your quality content would do the rest.

Other than waiting for the customers come in, you can reach them out using Facebook pages and twitter, whichever you are comfortable with. Let each post be helpful for your audience and include links to your website.

There's a lot more you can do and this is a pretty wide question.

If you want more details or solutions customized to your case, feel free to drop a message. :)

This is a great question and you have received a lot of advice from really wise people here. :)

I'll come straight to answering your question according to my perspective.

A brand includes a large package of things like your services, your products, your customer relations and all that you do.

A logo is basically created to represent all that in a single icon. It pictorially reminds your customers what you stand about.

When your brand expands and grows into multiple verticals, a single logo sometimes becomes less effective to convey all those messages strongly.

To create a different colored logo, or even similar looking logo with added traits, is a good approach and should be used without fear when you want to target customers that know your overall brand but are interacting with different verticals and services.

To understand more, you may want to read: http://dalepartridge.com/crazy-science-brain-sees-logo/

All the best. If you happen to have more questions, please feel free to drop a message. :)

It's not the number of people visiting your website, it's the number of people returning, that matters; especially when you are talking about online client experience.

Consider yourself your client. What would you want?
1. Easy to reach services?
2. Clear design?
3. Your friends following the brand?
Fill in the blanks.

It's not just about the information anymore, because there's plenty on the Internet. The presentation, the ease of getting it and relevance matters, when it comes to online experience.

Lastly, and most importantly, what your client online really seeks today in the crowded world of Internet is personalized attention!

Reply to him/her. Get in touch and build relationships.

Yours is a Geo location based app, I understand.

There are many ways to penetrate your market. First, you need to segment your market into different verticals on the basis of the factors like age, interests, gender or location.

Once they are segregated, you have to design specific marketing campaigns catering to each category, focusing on number of sign ups and a great experience.

Such campaigns can be run both online and offline.

This would gain you both PR and aggressive Sign ups.

Don't follow anyone, make your own story. All the best!

In case you need help making the campaigns and measuring the ROI, feel free to get in touch. :)

This question tops the list of the questions that any Brand Strategist gets to answer. :)

There's NO magic formula or magic potion to it.

If your blog has the following 4 ingredients in it, it's bound to get popular:

1. A hungry audience. (Sometimes the hunger needs to be created.)

2. Helpful content extracted from your experiences. Readers relate to small business owners' blogs more than they relate to some billionaire's biography. So feel confident and produce really helpful content.

3. SEO. You do not have to be a SEO expert to be able to do it right. Google and other search engines are pretty smart. Read about it and use self help tools at WordPress or other CMS's before you go out to an SEO expert.

4. Email marketing. Cultivate emails on your blog and connect with your readers personally. Emails remind people of your blog and they keep coming back, provided your content is good.

Have more ideas? Please comment or message. Always happy to learn. :)

All the best!

Everyone who starts a magazine has definite passion in their respective genre and have certain idea about their audience.

The one thing they wish they know, sometime after starting out, is that striking a balance between the content that users like to read and what investors (ads) like the viewers to read, isn't always easy.

To get ad investors, you have to have audience and to sustain the audience, you need to have the investors' money.

Think it through.

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