Ibrahim FazaEntrepreneur, fund manager and startups advisor

Ibrahim Faza is accomplished entrepreneur, fund manager, startups advisor and technology manager with more than 17 years of international experience of conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, leading successful business, managing entrepreneurship initiatives and startup ventures. He is coach, mentor and judge at leading startup events in the region such as Startup Weekend, ArabNet and MIT Arab Startup Competition.

Ibrahim Faza worked as Seed Fund Manager at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST), where he managed an investment of USD 2M per annum aiming to help move promising ideas from KAUST labs toward commercialization and formation of new thriving businesses. Seed Fund program provides incubation, Lab access, coaching, mentorship, industry collaboration and financial support. During two years, KAUST Seed Fund Program invested in 13 startups results in 4 spinoff,  20+ high level job created and $4M+ raised investment.

Before joining KAUST, Mr. Faza cofounded and managed two startups in the field of smartphone application and mobile payment in Jordan.
Earlier Mr. Faza joined DamaMax group as Technology Manager, where he established and managed technical department of two telecom startups in Sudan and Jordan, managed to built the first FTTP network in Jordan and the first wireless broadband network in Sudan. 
Prior to that, Mr. Faza served as Technical Manager at Huawei, where he managed the first NGN deployment in Jordan and the nation-wide broadband access project in Lebanon. He worked as Telecom Product Manager at Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services in Riyadh. He served as a Sales Engineer at Siemens AG and Telecom & control engineer at Central Electricity Generation Company. 
Mr. Faza holds a BS Degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

إبراهيم فزع، ريادي اعمال، مدير تمويل و مستشار للشركات الناشئة
خيبير في مجال الشركات الناشئة اللينة و طريقة تطوير الزبائن

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It depends on what are you testing by launching MVP. MVP is use to run an experiment to test (validate / invalidate) business assumptions (Customer, problem, solution , channel ... assumptions).
If your are interested, I can share some material about MVP and validating business assumptions

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