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I can guide you from concept to launch to go-to-market strategy, including system integration, SaaS, Business Development, Partner & Channel Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Sales, Brand Marketing, Customer Service, CRM and Financial Planning and Analysis. Experience w/3 Global Brands; BT, Pepsi, Duracell. Founder & CEO, Lee Travel Group, & Peggy Lee Travel. I have raised almost $40M for 3 start-ups, including Angel, seed, Series A, B, C and Subordinated Debt. Worked for British Telecom (BT), Pepsico (Pepsi Food Service), and Duracell. Experience in CPG, Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Food Service, Saas, Technology, Financial Services, Insurance, Non-Profits, Telecom, Media and more

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Take a look at They provide over 10K artists with websites and tools to properly display and sell original art as well as prints, which is a great way to get expose and new purchases from existing customers. They provide a monthly marketing plan for you to follow which is basically a "playbook". They advise on social media, which is essential for your marketing, but you have to do that yourself. I found the organization for my son. He is attempting be do art full-time. I'll do all his marketing and technology things in the beginning, and gradually shift all of it over to him in time. It's a pretty steep set-up cost, which they will finance over several months, but the monthly hosting fee is $50. They earn 10 to15% of your sales, which incentivizes them to help you be success.

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