Hope GreenTeaching profitable relationship building.

College: Seattle University, North Seattle College
Degree in Sociology/ Managerial Accounting

16 year-- Real Estate company founder with more than 2,300 employees nationwide.
18 year-- Hospitality/Catering/ Food Truck business grossing more than 5 figures a month. We trained youth aging out of Foster Care to start their own businesses.
7 year-- Currently managing a private equity investment fund, and low-entry hedge fund.

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Hi, I have 32 years of business experience in different markets and I hold a degree in Sociology because every business deals with people ;) I would suggest creating some sort of test group where you expose your ideal clients to your product or service, and have them complete a detailed survey. You can do this relatively cheaply at public markets or hosting a party-like event. You may be able to generate a small amount of sales to cover the cost of putting together the event. Tip: getting completed surveys are key. Offer a drawing or prize where the winner is chosen from completed surveys. Hope this helps! Happy to discuss further.

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