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I am 49 years old and have had a lot of experiences in life dealing with thousands of people and have learned a lot about society and different cultures. Sometimes I feel like there's nothing that I haven't encountered yet but have witnessed many things in other people's lives. I've always attended schools and have taken up several trades. At this stage in life I almost feel like I have one of the answers but in reality I know I don't but I do have a lot of solutions to solve many equations. I'm very down to earth and I love people so whatever one wants to talk about I'm a great listener.

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The first thing you want to do is to market yourself. Don't be afraid to step out and introduce what you have to offer. Display your products in full Glory so that you may attract the attention of people that wants your products and services. Once people can count on what you have to offer then you start building around that starting point. And this is where the investment comes in because you're starting to build an infrastructure around your idea because your idea made that person or consumer comfortable enough to return. Now professional service will carry you a long way because word of mouth will give you a big lift off with other consumers. The more you build your infrastructure making it attractive with stability your business will sore.

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