doyal TPsychology and PR graduate

Having majored in Psychology, I have experience working in both clinical and counseling internships. In the counseling setting, I worked closely with individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing guidance, support, and coping strategies to navigate their challenges effectively. This role allowed me to develop excellent communication and active listening skills.
Through my master's, I learned everything about branding and the importance of insights. I excelled in creative strategizing, effectively communicating them based on the context, and was recognized for my primary research skills.

I passionately keep us with global emerging artists and have. a dedicated IG page if you are interested in checking out IG: 01_6ya. I also have experience working as a creative writer. I can provide clarity related to the process of career change, mental health and identity, and the creative fields. Brainstorming sessions, strategizing ways to stand out, or just need someone to vent about anything and everything? Here to help.

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For internships to sponsor your travel and housing expenses the respective company would require the candidate to have a certain level of prior experience. So I would suggest checking the criteria with the respective company you are interested in which you can find by searching key words like 'Intern abroad _enter your field name__ sponsoring visa or travel' either on google or job search websites like linkedIn and Indeed. Hope this helps.

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