DOMINIQUE J PORTIShelping online consultants attract more clients..


I help online coaches and consultants score high ticket clients using Facebook Ads

Consulting for the past 10 years.. Love and enjoy what I do.. I've been featured in multiple blogs. Medium, Thrive global, sunset post.

Able to communicate and sell.. able to help one of my clients make $100K in his business using a few strategies, some people that are following even made thousands without even becoming a client..

Excel in jobs requiring accurate application of communication

Able to actively listen and engage in difficult conversations

Capable of precise communicating even under pressure and meeting strict time constraints

Quick in communicating correct conceptual solutions to problems, using diverse vocabulary

Capable of responding to emergencies and solving problems critically

Agreeable, cooperative, good – natured, easy to please

Maintain friendly contact and
keep up with the issues of common concern

Work excellent with people especially under pressure

Demonstrates a strong focus for critical deadlines and timely results

Able to work in a fast pace environment

Have a high energy level, and accomplish critical deadlines

Self-starter, an energetic personal producer, and show a high sense of urgency

Relate well to authority in a cooperative manner in most routine situations

Type 100-200 words per minutes, 10 years experience in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

Moderately assertive leader who gets results

Organized in filing important documents

Able to answer phones with a good positive attitude

Recent Answers

It doesn't take overnight to do this..

You want to have a clear vision on what you want to do.
Have 1 high ticket offer and build a client base.

Audience: They say you don't need an audience no you don't need an audience to start but you do need an audience to keep advertising your programs..

Marketing: they say you don't need money for marketing if you want this to be a fast way you want to invest money..

Time: You will go through obstacles so want to understand to look at this longterm and not short term. If you want longevity in your business invest as much time with it as possible,,

I hope this helps

Its simple but not so simple..
You want to be clear on what you want.. Take something that you are great at. NOT GOOD AT. Great at.. Work on that particular skill. I would say be great with people. Because when you are great with people. You can have great products and bad products and still have people coming back for more..

Understand the 3 Ps of business.


I know people buy bad products all the time like Fords and Nissans But people keep buying not because of marketing its because of great service..

Once you are great at understanding human behavior and people great character out markets other bad businesses..

Theres a book called Skill With People by Les Gibil.. and E-Myth by Michael E Gerber..

Read both of those books.. They are both on how to scale and how to be good with people. When you are good with people. People talk about you and your services. Then they have their friends and family come to you.

Hope this helps..

You can write them out and categorize them..

Be clear on your vision.
What is the task?
What is the industry?
What is the role position?

How can one be successful in this position.
Check all of the boxes the what, the who, the how.

Start up tech events always have investors that show up.. Most of these events happen in Los Angeles, USA. You can always search in Google for these events..

is it challenging yes.. But there are also coffee shops within the areas of events that happen. You can network with people. Car shows, and auctions have lots of investors floating around..

It will take some confidence to talk to these people.. But you will run into at least 1 that is willing to work with you, play golf.. Go play golf with some people. Most investors play golf..

It may not be easy and peaches and cream but you have to want it.

If you can't go in organically do it with a bank.. Start an LLC get a no doc loan from the bank.. If you are in the US there's a place called payment cloud.. You can get a good business loan or business credit cards..

I know doing the work end of getting the funding may be cuthroat but thats the way it goes..

I hope this helps

Hey great question, getting clientele online can be difficult without the right strategies..

Great you have your ideal client avatar down that's important. Normally with startups they do not have a lot of capital to give while building..

You definitely want to start step by step..

There's start up events that are always going on to attend.. Especially in Los Angeles.. Not sure where you are in the world but attending these events are greater in person than they are online..

You can run into investors as well..

If you lookup "Tech Start Up Events in Los Angeles" on google..
They have an infinite amount of events happening throughout the month.. Its getting close to summer so there's going to be a lot more events..

Also Facebook groups I would go for the Influencer groups like grant cardone and tony robbins groups.. Some of the facebook groups are just garbage..

But I hope I gave some good ideas..

I love this question because I get clients that will ask me how this is done...

If you want to build a legitimate business then you need to think far.. Think of growing a community instead of trying to pay bills and have money..

Its not going to look like peaches and cream at first.. Its going to be very rough at the starting point.. Every business has its ups and downs..

You want to build a community on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram.. MLMs are difficult because they already tell you to tell your friends and family about the company and the products...

and of course your friends and family do not have the same vision as you nor do they care..

You want to utilize AI tools or Socai Media advertising to get going quickly.. Do not think about these fancy websites or funnels just get your future clients to the live calls.

Heres the steps
Optimize profile--->Create a Facebook group--->Create a calendly proflie---->Post to gather data of engagement---->Take the most engaged post and repurpose it use it as an ad---->Use ads to bring them to a messenger call or to your Facebook group---->Connect with your engaged followers---->Have a conversation with them.. Have them on a call with your MLM team.

You don't need anything fancy.. Simple scales.. Fancy Fails

There is a very good answer on here i read above.. You definetly want people to discover you and the one thing about having people attract to your profile is by..

Being an expert, and sounding like one..
You want to give more advice about your expertise.. You can ask questions but ask a question anonymous, open ended preferred and then answer it..

Yes optimize your profile so that people know about you and what you have to offer..

There are places to post to attract people.. Social Media platforms and everything.. Posting can get taxing at times so post to gather data on whats the best post.. Then repurpose the ones that get the most engagement.

Next use paid advertising... Yes people are talking about organic marketing but it takes FOREVER... if you want to get results fast use paid advertising it doesn't cost that much and you want as much targeted traffic as possible..

Be authentic and think of it as gaining an audience, building a brand of you what you have to offer, and your story..

Hope this helps..

First step is Discovery of who you are.. You want to identify who you are and what you can bring to the online space..

It's kinda like applying for a job only you have to think of it as your lifestyle..

1. First impression: First impression is everything.. Optimize your profile, Bio, Photography, And what you do..Skills

2. Marketing is the king of all sales: You have to promote you and your story.. You want to get as much targeted traffic as possible and be in front of them... Lets say you are a freelancer or a person that knows how to clean.. Promote you and what you do on all platforms... Tip if you can stretch yourselve 10 people deep.. can have 10 social media platforms or accounts.. You 10X your chances of working with your first client.. It's like applying for 10 jobs... Take the same energy and do whats said above..

3. Have something to offer.. You can not get someone to buy on the first date.. But have something to offer.. Follow up continously until they respond..

4. Rinse and Repeat.. If you get burnt out dont worry we all go through this..

To build trust in a client base is really about showing up everyday on social and connecting with those on a conversation level...

Ive built a client base just by having normal conversations.. Yes it requires inboxing.. Posting about my stories. wins and losses.. The key in building a great client base is by being geniune.. I would go the paid way and drive a lot of traffic to your social media platforms,.. Organic now a ways requires a lot of time.

You could go live each week on your social platforms.. If this platform is a faceless platform.. I would have a prfessional web developer look at the website before launching it live..

First I would look around search for 10-100 questions and start answering questions... You want to be the expert. A lot of experts/coaches consultants know the industry but do not know how to build an online presence.. You want to be discovered..

Also to. start asking questions to get a response.. Sometimes and most times audiences helps experts on what pain points are in the industry..

How will people flow you if they don't know you...

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