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Find a place (Upwork, craigslist, etc) where your customers are talking or posting that they need a service that you provide. Use IFTTT and create an alert when a new post is made. Use Zapier to move the data into google sheets and set up an email autoresponder with a message like "Hi. I have a ____ expert available in your area that has availability in the next week." Then just give them instructions on how to sign up. Almost no cost to connect with people who have a specific need for your service.

How much are the numbers off what you are seeing? The numbers will always be inaccurate because Meta cannot track everyone post iOS14. We've had clients try Hyros but even those numbers did not line up perfectly. You can look into implementing the conversion API with Meta. Simplest and lowest cost method is to just keep a google spreadsheet with daily totals for all ad spend vs all leads vs all sales. Calculate your ROAS and CPA from there.

Custom audiences are groups of users based on lists that were uploaded, events like a webpage visit or conversion and engagement on Facebook. If you upload a list of 10,000 users, you'll be able to show ads to any of those individuals that Facebook can match with their users.

Once you select the custom audience, you can target inside of that group of people by selecting more characteristics. For example, if you targeted people inside of your custom audience that liked "dogs", the list size might go from 100,000 people to 40,000. You would be targeting all the people inside of your custom audience that like dogs.

Hope that helps!

Most of those are very good at syndicating content. Because Facebook doesn't do much in terms of copyright infringement, people can take great content from other places and use it for their own pages. If you do that and include a paid strategy behind it, you have the ability to grow your page quickly.

This is a big question. I would recommend checking out Facebook BluePrint ( and also the Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting ( which is a resource we created to help advertisers get an understanding of their options with Facebook ads.

Where you located? If you're in Los Angeles, I'm always on the lookout for rising talent and people that want to be the best. Age has no effect on who I hire. Rather a desire to be the best, learn quickly and implement fast.

Another option would be to complete the Facebook Blueprint certification program and then offer your services on Upwork. There are a lot of people that don't want to pay for an expert but just need someone to help them at a lower price. That is a great opportunity to learn while someone else is paying.

Where are you located? If you want to move to Santa Monica and work three blocks from beach. I'm always on the lookout to hire quality people to manage Facebook advertising for our clients. It's a great way to learn very quickly.

There is no need for a third party platform when you start out. Just spend a few hours going through the Facebook Blueprint program and you'll get a good idea on how to set things up. As you run ads, you'll eventually have more questions about the ads and how to get better results. Once you get to that point, look at bringing in an agency to help optimize things and manage your campaigns. Working with experts can help save you time and headaches. Remember you're spending your own money, so spending $100 and losing it because an ad isn't set up correctly is worse that spending $120 and having an agency ensure its being done correctly. Let me know if you need help, our agency ( specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads. - Brian

I'd run a lead ad targeted towards people with similar job titles or at competing companies. Include relevant job information (title, salary range, etc), then promote the ad as "easy application" and require full name, email and phone. Once they apply, send an email requesting their resume or get them on the phone. I work for a digital ad agency (AdvertiseMint) that specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads, we could help you set these up if needed. - Brian

You should be building out campaigns towards each of those segments. For first impressions, narrow down your audience and then bid on impressions to ensure you're reaching them again and again and again. Then implement retargeting to ensure you're able to hit them up with ads focused on the different reasons a consumer would purchase your product.

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