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Negotiation, Direct Sales, Strategic Planning & Personal Development.

I work with companies world wide daily. I start my day at 7am GMT+2 dealing with Singapore. Moving onto the middle east and europe at 10am before getting to the US around 2pm. I do all of this from my cabin in the woods, five minutes walk from the beach. I have a lifestyle job in the telecommunication industry, which I can do from anywhere in the world as long as I have my laptop and phone.

I am very interested in startup's that I can have an ongoing relationship with in strategic planning, sales and negotiation.

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We used this article last year, to value a startup I was working with and it worked out quite well. The investors own valuation was within 10%.

Best of luck.

Why not try or Elance, one of those type of sites. Surely you can find someone skilled, with past experince easily viewable, looking for something a little more "ongoing".

Best of luck with it!

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