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Started my first business in 1974, been going strong since. My business portfolio is varied. Recent focus has been setting up 10,000+ reqs/sec WordPress sites. Most hosting companies can barely make 10 reqs/sec. Anyone expert who tells you "WordPress is slow"... Do a 180 + run, as likely their incompetence is pervasive. For example, SERP Shaker WordPress sites I've been setting up recently clock in at 7,000+ reqs/sec. In November + December 2014, one of my clients ran sustained traffic, all day, every day of 100,000+ unique visitors/second on a $100/month dedicated server machine at a load of 5%-10% of capacity. If you site is slow remember, site speed depends primarily on the tuning of the server machine where your site is running.

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Tip: You'll only do this if you're a Thrillseeker looking to loose massive revenue.

You'll never, ever, ever turn over design of any business critical system to anyone in the class of "junior anything" who requires "SQL courses".

You'll have an experienced designer handle your SQL design.

S3 (anything Amazon) is most costly approach you can take.

Best you book a call with me or someone who works on this type of project daily.

For EBS/NFS, all slow/glitchy tech. You'll only use this type tech if you love daily aggravation + have infinite free time to debug problems.

Better solution, use OVH data storage servers, then run Linux on these along with whatever distributive/network filesystem is required for your workflows.

Since you don't mention type of workflow, no guess what a better answer than NFS might be.

Far to little detail to provide any answer.

Might take a few minutes, hours or days.

Simple solution is for you to use GSuite, if I understand your question.

Take a short inventory.

Consider what books you read, content you consume, conversation topics you find highly engaging, any activity where time stops for you.

Take an intersection of these, looking for so activity...

1) You've done daily for last 10+ years.

2) You'll likely do daily for next 10+ years.

Design a business around this activity.

Tip: Business success relates to consistency over time.

Anything you can stick with, likely will produce good success...

Rather than picking something new... or exciting (never trust anything exciting), look for what already engages you now.

First: Get out of California.

Move to Texas or Tennessee or Florida, where taxes are far lower.

This single step will solve many problems.

Next: Work with an attorney to answer your questions.

Also a tax professional.

Cheapest tax professional you can hire is H&R Block Executive Tax Services.

This is a special... fairly unknown part of H&R Block which deals exclusively with complex + multi-jurisdictional entities.

You'll find no better expertise/intelligence any cheaper than H&R Block Executive Tax Services.

Tip: For every 6 figures income elsewhere, Clarity generates a few dollars.


Far better to do this...

1) Set your income/month target.

2) Set your hours/week worked target.

3) Timeline to reach #1 + #2.

4) Work out your offerings (price points of goods/services/information) you'll provide to implement #3.

5) Then locate people who've achieved your goals already. Hire them to assist you. Skip all the way to the bank.

6) Tip: You said "I can promote any business or product or service to millions of people world-wide."

Then... best you do this... and you'll be rich...

You'll always generate far more income marketing whatever you're selling directly to a large audience (B2C) rather than a smaller audience (B2B).

Tip: And there's a trade off.

When going B2C the only way to get rich + still have a life, is to design your business where...

Marketing + Sales + Fulfillment + Support + Billing all runs on automatic.

Implementing automatic style businesses ensures a near infinite ROI (return on investment), where expenses are near zero, so profit becomes astronomical.

This is a complex topic.

Far more complex than can be answered in here.

Best to hire an expert to help you with this, because Google will penalize you if they visit the same URL multiple times where different content is returned.

You can research this yourself by digging into the Google Search Console facility specifically built to handle this case, to avoid the SEO/Index penalty.

And... You can easily destroy SEO traction making simple mistakes.

Guideline: For any SEO optimization.

1) Low/No site income, figure it out on your own.

2) High site income, hire someone familiar with this process.

Random Tip: Most people miss something important here.

Incompetent Hosting (almost all hosting) which sometimes returns various errors or randomized content rendering (slow broken SSL/JS/CSS/Image serving) also counts as different content.

A far more common problem results when Hosting results return random content on a regular basis.

Guideline: Similar to the above. For sites with significant cashflow, first hire someone to ensure your hosting speed + stability + security is rock solid.

Next, ensure your site produces clean HTML (0 syntax errors + 0 syntax warnings).

Then move into SEO optimization.

Most people start with SEO before address hosting + HTML syntax... then wonder... why oh why... does my SEO optimization never seem to have any effect.

Random marketing tip.

In the old days (1990s) we all registered .com + .net + .org domains.

Thinking was brand protection.

Then... we call figured out... the majority of people always append .com to a domain, independent of the TLD (net/org/info/co/whatever)...

So we all let our other TLD domains expire... hoping... praying... breaking open the champagne anytime anyone registered another TLD trying to shop/scam/skim traffic + cash from our brands... because we knew...

All the money they were spending drove traffic to our .com site.

Ah... Good times!

So, best cashflow will be to stick with .com TLDs + pray people promote some knock off brand on some other non-com TLD.

If this is your first time doing this, likely best for to first hire a full time or Fractional CTO to hire this team.

There are just to many variables to consider.

The primary variable is the code you're producing + how to ensure quality.

A CTO, with decades of experience + well versed in all manner of technologies, is essential to ensure you're correctly allocating developer funds.

If you miss this step, likely you'll either overpay or underpay, almost surely having problems delivering product + ensuring delivered product quality.

This is a complex question.

Likely best to talk with several smart people about whether or not your idea lends itself to your situation.

With the limited context you provided + no guess about your personality style, no way to guess.

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