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Global marketing consultant, management consultant. MBA from top-b school in global management, strategy consulting and innovation. Industries serviced: telecommunications, consumer products, wireless, life sciences, entertainment, apparel, power generation and industrial markets.

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Telemarketing consumers is risky today, especially with do not dial lists. A more cost effective solution is couponbooks/direct mail, unaddressed bulk post mail within specific postal code/zip codes and inserts/flyers at the restaurants themselves. At $4/hr (usually offshore call centres), you need to make sure they are calling at the right times to avoid iritating customers.

It could be many factors including the offer, the incentive, the price and the product/service. You need about 250 responses to have a valid test. You are describing and email/drip campaign for conversion. This campaign needs to nurture that prospect from the start to the finish line through a series of steps (sales cycle called AIDA - awareness, interest, desire, action). Let me know if you need assistance or would like to set up a call to describe your product/service/pricing/offer in greater detail. Will be glad to assist.

Hire complementary strengths and an agency executive who's grown an account from $10 MM to $50 MM or $100 MM. Someone with very strong agency/network relationships who can bring in talent and resources. You need to really get along and stress-test the relationship. There are many risks including taking someone who will take your accounts with him/her if she leaves.

A client who wants an AOR relationship should first be able afford one. These clients want small and ad-hoc projects handled professionally, along with their overall strategic marketing program. Clients are looking for an overall reduction in fees or discount from hiring consultants and a firm without an AOR agreement in place. And, hopefully better or more consistent service because the AOR is in place.

Drip and email campaigns typically have optimal results every 3 to 4 weeks to nurture prospects through a sales funnel (direct response campaign management). It is as much the frequency as the content and messages that is provided to help the prospect convert. In some cases, frequency as much as daily is used (groupon), while in other services or products (industrial) monthly frequency is usually sufficient. Monitor your open and conversion rates using applications like Mailchimp to optimize your campaign. Let me know if you need assistance/clarification.

Without knowing more about your business, business development through direct sales, CRM and online marketing, given a low budget may be more cost effective (distribution building), than other forms of marketing (advertising, print, tv, radio etc.) Having retailers/websites carry your line will be important. Selecting the right type of retailers (mass, boutique, specialty store) is critical.

Understand the sunk costs and move forward understanding your founders also have opportunity cost of further investment, time and energy. Some options: Try to sell the IP if possible to a competitor or third party/investor, or customers. Donate the IP to charity organizations that can benefit. Pivot: use / leverage the IP into a new product/category/industry.

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