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Native or hybrid app development for startups? I'll try to keep things straight and simple here.

If you are in the early stage of your business - a startup then its best to choose the right app development because for a startup company the funds and resources are limited and they have to get the most out of every buck spent.

Besides this, you must execute things quick and efficiently to ensure success. So it's highly recommended to decide your priorities before taking a decision on the type of app development you are going with.

- Define your app requirement in the long run; for now, and for future as well.
- Keep user-experience and utilities in priority this is what your app users will care about.
- Focus on one market at a time.
- Estimated app reach.
- Features you are looking in your app.
- Plan, Design and Develop, Test, Improve and then Launch.
- Platform for which you want these apps - Android, iOS, and Windows etc.

Ultimately its all depends upon on your needs, time-scale, and the budget you have.

The basic difference between Native and Hybrid App development is:

Native apps are precisely developed for a specific mobile operating system iOS, Android etc. Where as Hybrid app development is cross-platform and can be distributed between app stores without the need to develop two different versions for Android and iOS.

Hope these points will make your decision a bit easier.

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