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It's simple: You need to be where these companies are. What magazines and blogs are the decision makers reading? What social media sites do these decision makers use every day? This is pivotal research that must be done first. Then, you can provide advertisements and marketing tactics in the channels that these people use.

I would blindly guess that maybe some print or online ads, as well as LinkedIn leadership articles and online ads could possibly be effective. Look at what trade shows these companies attend and find out how much it would cost to sponsor one of those events. There are many things you could do.

If you have questions or would like help with these tasks or if you'd like a free project estimate, please contact me!

I agree with the other people who explained how your particular type of business may not do too well on Kickstarter. However, if you're still looking for best practices, here are some:

-Cross promotion of other Kickstarters that are going on around the same time as your campaign and also share the same audience as you, but are not direct competition.
-Influencer outreach - find really popular bloggers/youtubers who have your audience and ask (or pay) these influencers to mention and link to your Kickstarter campaign.
-Create a video for the Kickstarter page but also put it on YouTube and link the YouTube video to the Kickstarter campaign page.
-Make social media ads for the Kickstarter campaign to get more people on the page.

My agency has helped launch Kickstarter campaigns in the past. We would love to help you if you need help strategizing or executing any tasks. If you'd like a free project estimate, please let me know!

I obviously don't know what kind of company you're talking about, but I would highly suggest you do a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter can be the solution to your problems - and you will need to hire an agency that has dealt with Kickstarter in the past and knows how to help you. That agency is my agency, Bloominari. By setting up a Kickstarter, we can get you funds and simultaneously add people to your email list. Please feel free to reach out to me about this and I can give you a free project estimate.

The first thing you need to do is to figure out exactly where your target audience is online. Which social media sites are they on and how often are they on them? This is all research that must be done beforehand.

Then, you (or a marketing professional) must create a social media strategy. This strategy is like a plan that will layout the future pathways toward achieving your goals through social media marketing.

Here are some blog posts I have recently written regarding how to get new customers on social media:

If you'd like help with social media marketing or even just some consulting, please let me know because I'd love to help you!

My marketing agency has a free guide that will walk you through how to create a marketing strategy for a product or service. You can access it here: https://www.facebook.com/bloominari/app/307339332686535/?ref=page_internal

I also recently published a blog post regarding marketing strategies for new products, and maybe that can help you, too: http://www.bloominari.com/blog/good-marketing-strategy-for-new-product

Please let me know if you have other questions or need any help with executing strategies.

I have actually written a blog post about this! Feel free to read this blog post that lists a bunch of different email software based on your monthly budget. I think the post will help answer a ton of questions and please let me know i you need more assistance or if you need help performing email marketing tasks or installing/setting up the software. http://www.bloominari.com/blog/email-software-choices-for-every-business-budget

Hi - congrats on your new blog! There are a lot of different techniques businesses or marketing experts utilize to get publicity.

Some of these ideas are as follows: guest blogging, cross-promotion tactics, social media ads and public relations. My agency would be more than happy to help you with this, so please feel free to contact me via Clarity or go to my website www.bloominari.com and request a free strategy, no-obligation phone call! Thanks for reading and best of luck!

I own a digital marketing agency and I LOVE helping people with technology solutions! There are soooo many different inexpensive/free tools and technology solutions out there that can really benefit your business! Some of the ones we use are Facebook's Power Editor, https://www.leadpages.net/, and Rebrandly. If you'd like some more suggestions, please reach out to me! You can also look at our awesome blog, which has lots of info: http://www.bloominari.com/blog

Begin by putting yourself in your target audience's shoes (aka: the shoes of the people attending the trade show.) What would surely get their interest? What types of benefits are they looking for in products/services? Are these people with a good sense or humor or are they looking for awards, approvals and things like that to verify a legit product/service in your industry? Once you understand what is attractive to your customer base, then you can start coming up with ideas.

These ideas could range from just designing an excellent exhibit space with documents and posters that display all of the information/benefits that this audience is looking for, to a social media contest/conversation with a hashtag.

Having experience with trade shows, I would definitely suggest you pre-order promo items that your audience will find interesting - if you want to be out of the box, then my suggestion would be for some sort of puzzle to be solved. Something that people would have to move around or use critical thinking skills to accomplish, and then inside could be an item of importance or something like that. Or you could even hold a contest at your booth in which different companies work in teams to compete against each other to complete a task or solve a puzzle or something like that.

Turns out this is kind of difficult to explain via writing. If you'd like more ideas or any elaboration, please contact me! You can contact me on Clarity or you can contact me through my website: www.bloominari.com (I own a marketing agency). I love helping businesses solve problems and engage their audiences, so feel free to reach out to me!

Hi - I just came across this and noticed you wrote this years ago, so I really hope your business is going well!! If you need inexpensive yet expert marketing, design or small business consulting services, please consider my agency, Bloominari. We’ve been helping small business owners like yourself for years and we’d love to help you out. I also provide free project estimates! Just wanted to send you this info in case your sales aren’t exactly as high as you were hoping. Let me know if I can help you in any way and best of luck to you! http://www.bloominari.com/contact/request-project-quote

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