How does a 22-year old graduate student pay off $50,000 in undergraduate debt within two years using the skills at his disposal with $50 to his name?


Debt is nothing more than a math problem. You modify the equation (income/expenses). You modify the outcome. Simple as that.

Over 20 years in the debt relief space has shown me its nothing more than a physiological problem, once you get your mindset in check, the math problem takes care of itself.

Create value for a company, or start up a business. Either way, you need to boost your income. Big time.

If you only have $50 to your name, forget about the debt right now, focus on creating value for a company, or as an entrepreneur. Money will follow if you do it right.

Answered 10 years ago

What skills do you have?

Answered 10 years ago

Create a scaleable enterprise that fills an unmet need that is regional or even national in scope.
   The hard part is breaking out of thinking in terms of the ways things are now and freeing yourself to think of how things could be.
   Steve Jobs had that ability and brought us products no one knew we needed until Steve showed us we could have them.
   Since you shared your age I'll go ahead and say that I can't think of a better age to be in order to take on that challenge.
   Your opportunities are limited only by your willingness to pursue them!

Answered 10 years ago

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