What are some marketing strategies we can use to reach new customers?

We are a cellphone repair centre based in Ottawa, Ontario which specializes in cellphone & tablet repairs and provides our clients with excellent quality services at an affordable price


Start with creating your USP (aka Message).

This message will be the statement that sums up the reasons for doing business with you from THEIR perspective based on what THEY want (versus why YOU think they should do business with you).

It may feature a unique ability your company can provide - some feature or benefit or experience that they either can't get anywhere else or that you do better than anyone else - and I'd strongly suggest it NOT be based on your low pricing.

To do this - get very clear about what pain (or problem) your business gets rid of (or solves) and what promise you make to your market.

For example:

When you say "excellent quality" and "affordable"... what exactly does that mean and why should your market care?

-How will they KNOW it's "excellent" (according to them)? And do they want excellent? Maybe they want fast...

-What does "quality" mean and how will they know? If you fix my cellphone and it works... How is that qualitatively different from anyone else fixing my phone? Isn't fixed the same as fixed?

-What is "affordable"? And affordable for whom?

Lastly - When you say "specialize" - and then say cellphone and tablet repair... Does that mean you specialize in ALL cellphones and tablets?

Because when you say "cellphones and tablets" it sounds more like you generalize in a type of handheld electronic product.

A specialist is an expert in a small area of products or services. Think deep and narrow.

For example - You can specialize in repairing a certain brand - Such as "we specialize exclusively in the repair of Samsung cellphones and tablets"...

Or you can specialize in the repair of devices running on the Android platform....

(you get the idea)

Once you find your USP - use it in all of your inbound and outbound marketing platforms.

I wish you the best of luck in your marketing efforts!

Answered 10 years ago

How about creating content that provides insight and advice about cellphone maintenance and repair, as well as apps that people can use to get more value from their cell phones. This is "soft selling" as opposed to trying to get people to make a purchase. You could also use social media to solve problems and answer questions.

Answered 10 years ago

- Identifying who are your clients and where new ones are more likely to be located (be as specific as possible),
- nailing your pitch,
- designing a great offer (not necessarily purely money sensitive),
- translating this into your website/mobile app, and landing pages,
- partnering and/or advertising with networks or other organizations that can reach out to a high volume of clients (Google adwords, repair shops that do not offer our service)
- ... and do the math (how much do you charge, what's the related cost, what's your margin, how much should a new client cost you to be profitable).

And don't spend more than 15% of your time and money thinking, planning and designing the solution - do it and improve it along the process.

Answered 10 years ago

First decide what's most important.
Is this a new business company or do you have already a lot of customers and do you want more customers.
These are questions which depends on what strategie is the best for your company.
Second what region do you cover? Only Ottawa region or much wider....
Third which budget do you want to spend on this promotion.

All very important questions.

I've helped already several companies and together we developed really successful marketing strategies.

If you want more information please do not hesitate to contact me.



Answered 10 years ago

Social media remains the best way (even over ads) to reach new customers. The reason why is because of how things spread and how only interested people are going to share links/content. Plus the power of influence. People are far more likely to click through if the link comes from a friend rather than an ad.

So if you aren't leveraging social media; start immediately. Try to get mindshare and followers for your market. Share related information and blog articles. Even if you don't have a blog yourself, don't fear linking someone else's site. Many people think that's bad, but really it's not. If you link only your site then people perceive you as a spammer (moreso, you also don't want to share a link every hour in some automated fashion). So in your case, find articles about iPhones bending and other cell phone/tablet news and info and things to watch for.

Use follow first strategy to get followers (follow people who have similar interests). Build a quality set of followers, don't pay for them. Use hashtags and share quality content. You'll get followers in no time.

Engage with people when you have the opportunity (genuine engagement). You could of course search Twitter for people complaining about broken phones and tweet at them...Or follow them... But whatever you do, try not to spam them.

Content marketing: Do you have a blog? Link your articles too. Related to your business: Maybe write reviews on the most durable equipment. People might like to know that. You're in a position to literally inventory every device that comes through your doors for repair and then put a report together that says, "80% of the phones coming in here are XXXX for screen repair." How powerful is that?! People like numbers, that phrase right there alone (replacing XXX with a device name hehe) plus a link to a blog post on your site. Magic. Maybe throw in a good hashtag too.

You can truly leverage social media to drive traffic and of course man of the visitors won't have a device in need of repair when they hear about you...But you're building a brand. You're acquiring mindshare and becoming an expert/authority.

Social media can also be leveraged for local business too of course. You can filter things by location when searching for people to follow and engage with.

Don't forget Instagram. Take pictures of damaged equipment and explain why it broke. How to avoid breaking things. Take pictures of before and after jobs to show your work off.

I'd totally go for social. There's just so many things you can do.

Answered 10 years ago

Hey there,

That's an evergreen question!

Since I'm an online marketer. I always recommend clients to create super awesome content.

I assume that you have a website.

I recommend you to create a 2000+ word guide on say "Everything online user should know to prevent their mobile/ tablet from getting damaged!"
Your content can consist of:

-50+ ways to prevent mobile from getting damaged
Example 1: Use high quality screen guard to prevent your screen from getting damaged!
Additionally, educate them about best possible variants in screen guard.
Like wise..try to come up with 25 or 50 different ideas.

-End with Conclusion

Publish it & then do outreaching. (ie. reach out to few influencers who writes about similar topics on big sites)

I shared with you the strategy that never fails.

If you plan to follow the advice, feel free to hit me up for casual talk.

Cheers! :)

Answered 10 years ago

Step one is to set up a multivariate landing page with - create several versions and test to see which yields the highest conversion rate to make sure that you're maximizing your ROI on ad dollars. From there use Perfect Audience (they have a 50 dollar free trial credit) to setup a retargeting campaign in order to keep top of mind for those that don't convert on the first visit. After these are setup, I'd do a combination of paid search and Facebook advertising. For Facebook advertising you can target by device - make the ads relevant - IE target IPhone users with ads such as "IPhone screen cracked? Call the top IPhone repair company in Ottawa - Free estimate - 100 percent guarantee."

Answered 10 years ago

Use my Channel Elimination Technique. List all of the marketing channels and tactics you could use. Eliminate those that you A) Can't afford and B) Aren't direct enough. Find local non-competing businesses trying to reach a similar demographic and ask them what works for them. Happy to help further. Mark

Answered 10 years ago

Start by delivering amazing service to existing customers (it sounds like you already are), and they'll do most of the work for you.

Expedite, by running a contest for a "free repair credit" at your company via your existing social media channels to build your audience, and have a clause included that the winner agrees to deliver a google+ review about their service upon collection.

That way, you've got increased SEO (google+ reviews are huge this year), plus increased legitimacy (everyone reads reviews).

PLUS, an additional raving fan.

I shattered my iphone a year ago and a friend who worked for the Boost Mobile near my house sent me there and took care of it for free.

They were quick and sweet and I have sent them at least 10 referrals since then...

Answered 10 years ago

This is a loaded question and without a deep understanding of your business, market, competitors, etc., I don't think anyone can or should make any recommendations. But before this is answered, the question to ask is what should be the brand strategy. A company needs to figure out its brand strategy first before the marketing strategy. Marketing is tactical and should be an outcome of your brand. Think of a brand as who you are and marketing is what you do with who you are.

Answered 9 years ago

- SEO - creating content and videos focused on what you do and the location you service.
- PPC - google adwords and Bing Ads targeting people by keyword phrase.
- Conversion optimization - make sure your website is up to date, mobile-optimized and capitalizing properly on the traffic.
- Retargeting - you can do this through Google and Facebook, you can drop a cookie on the website visitors and then follow them around with ads when they leave your website, since only a small amount of people convert on their first visit.

Let me know if you need some assistance, this is what my agency does.

Answered 7 years ago

When trying to improve your overall customer reach, it is important to increase the efficiency of individual marketing channels to determine which efforts will give you a higher ROI. When you are trying to improve the customer reach of a specific campaign, your email should be the first place to focus on. When starting a business, many business owners have a hard time narrowing down their target market. It increases your customer reach since there are more potential customers, and acts as a safeguard against loses when one of the markets decreases in profitability. While having multiple audiences for your businesses is very profitable and efficient, you can have an extremely hard time nurturing relationships with both audiences on the same platform. With promotional products drawing as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone, offering your current customers a promotional product might be all you need to double, triple or even quadruple your current customer reach. While reading multiple posts on increasing customer reach might give you lots of insights into the topic, nothing produces more results than action. If you want to get the maximum benefit from these seven marketing hacks, take the first step towards more customer reach by choosing one of the techniques and implementing it in your business today.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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