I have 3 boating sites that I would like to relaunch. Where can I find people to help with the process. I would make them equity partners in exchange.

I have three sites that cater the the marine (boating) industry. SellaBoat.Com - UsedBoatsForSale.Com - Boat-Broker.Com Each site is a niche. Sell a boat caters to people selling their boats, Used Boat For Sale caters to people buying boats and Boat-Broker caters to sellers who do not want to do it themselves. We'd charge a monthly listing fee or a one time fee until the boat is sold. All three sites would share the same back end database so the database would be growing on a daily basis. The competition (BoatTrader.Com) currently has 154,000 boats listed on their site. At $99.00 per listing, that's 15.4 million dollars in revenue. We are a small mom and pop operation but the potential for return is astronomical. We are looking for a designer, a programmer and anyone else who can lead the way. Questions or ideas ? We'd love to hear them !


I've seen or been involved with a few projects in the past few years that aimed to entice developers to work on premium domains in exchange for equity.

That rarely if ever works. Developers have too many gigs that pay them quite comfortably. If they wanted to make sacrifices, they'd probably expect to own and control the project.

You're better off hiring a developer for cash if you wish to run these sites as businesses. Otherwise, it makes more sense to sell them.

Answered 9 years ago

I agree with Joseph. I think you need to partner with a person who can help you to take the business to further heights. Hiring developer and web designer with equity doesn't make sense to me.

Answered 9 years ago

I doubt you need a developer or a designer. I think you need someone who can help you review your current strategy and put an efficient sales/marketing plan in place in order to acquire users and monetize them effectively.

Answered 9 years ago

I run a boating website and we could collaborate with you. We know how to build community, grow enquiries and have a vibrant community online.

It is called and you can see the type of detailed products, advice and services which grow the online audience.

Answered 9 years ago

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